Have you ever had the experience of suddenly feeling like you needed to look at the clock (or your watch) — and when you did, it read 11:11?  If so, you’re not alone.  And you’ve probably wondered what the heck is going on, if it happens frequently.

This week we were treated by the calendar with another rendition of it: 1:11:11.  I’d wanted to write this post on that date, but. . . as you will see from my last post here, events conspired against me and that didn’t happen.  So I’m catching up a bit today 🙂  The message is still important.

11:11 As Above, So Below

There is a lot to say about the 11:11 phenomenon.  More than will fit into one blog post.  I wrote some about this over on one of my other blogs, so perhaps this is where I should have you begin.  You can go read what I wrote about it at Indigocoach.net/blog.

To make it simple (which, I find, is usually the best way to go) — the numbers are there to remind you that what is in the mind is also manifest into form.  As above, so below.  That’s what it means.  When you see those numbers together, it is calling you to remember how to co-create.  How to manifest.  And what the Universal Laws are that govern what you want to do or become.  If you’re involved in self development or self growth, you will want to deeply know and understand these Laws.  Even if you are not on that kind of path, the Laws operate whether you are aware of them or not.  They work even better when you ARE aware of them, though 🙂

As I have come to understand it, there are 11 Universal Laws, which are accepted throughout all Creation as being those by which all beings may live in peace and harmony.  Each of these Laws has both a spiritual and a material component, so that there can be no confusion about what each Law means, and so that ideas can take form and become manifest in this dimension..

Perhaps the year 2011 is finally the time when all hearts are ready to hear this message and understand. That would be my personal wish and hope.

Oh and just in case you’re concerned that the 11:11 may conflict with your religious or philosophical beliefs, you might first at least want to read what they are.  All major religions contain these Laws in some form or other; you can put any name you like on water or air, but it’s still water or air no matter what you choose to call it.  That analogy works for me, and I hope it will for you too.

I would love to know if this topic interests you, and if you’d like me to write more about it.  I would also love to hear your own experiences with the 11:11 phenomenon, if you’ve had any.

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