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Nancy Boyd here ~ Healer, award-winning Writer, award-winning Coach, Conscious Leader.

I started my journey as a teacher, only to quickly realize the pitfalls of a mainstream educational system that wasn’t truly serving its students. The turning points in my life were shaped by personal challenges like a debilitating chronic illness and personal traumas. But through these challenges I was gifted a profound clarity — the realization that there’s a greater role I am meant to play in this world.  Today, I’m glad I had the courage to explore that potential even though at the time I had no idea where it might lead.

Back in 1999-2000, I was fortunate to study under Thomas Leonard and became a CoachU graduate.  My path didn’t stop there, though. In fact it was just the beginning.  I chose to delve deeper into the healing arts and became a Certified Flower Essence Therapist. The synchronicity of coaching and healing blossomed into a unique talent – crafting powerful custom-blended flower essence formulas for both humans and animals, formulas that have healed hundreds of sentient beings since I first started offering them.

And yet the call for transformation persisted. After winning the 2009 International Coach of the Year award, my practice blossomed and grew.  But something deeper was calling to me and I took a sabbatical from my work to write a book.  That book is titled “Healing the Wanting ~ Making the Shift From Grasping to Gratitude,” and after I wrote it, it became apparent that my business needed to evolve in deeper ways. Thus emerged the vision for The Soul Path Academy – a haven for intentional living and conscious evolution.

My mission is clear: assist wounded leaders in finding their voice, power, and plan, guiding them towards a life where they feel invigorated and alive. Why wounded leaders? Simply put, it’s a path I’ve walked. From surviving poverty and incest, successfully battling addiction, to recovering from a chronic illness, I’ve been in the trenches. I’ve healed the wounds.  This lived experience affords me the empathy, wisdom, and tools to be a trusted guide.

But what truly sets me apart isn’t just my qualifications or past, it’s the depth of my intuition and insight. My clients often share how they feel an unparalleled resonance in my presence. That’s because I don’t skim the surface; I invite clients to plunge into the depths of their soul, all while holding them in an aura of love, respect, positivity, and truth. I believe that every soul has treasure waiting to be unveiled, and I’m here to facilitate that discovery so that what’s dormant comes brilliantly alive in service to creating the kind of world no one needs to recover from.

Outside of my professional endeavors, I’m a passionate home chef, dedicated to nourishing both body and soul. I avoid processed foods, crafting delightful dishes that both nurture and tantalize. My Buddhist spiritual path keeps me grounded and reminds me to treat every life experience as a lesson. Nature and animals are my refuge, allowing me to connect deeper with the world around me.

Currently, in a devoted relationship with my soul partner, my journey is a testament that no matter the adversities, one can emerge radiant and purposeful.

If you’ve come through the storms in some area of your life, are ready to leave the shallow, trivial stuff behind ~ and are serious about improving your situation, start hereI’d love to be part of YOUR success story going forward.


When I started working with Nancy I was in a dark place.  I felt adrift, having lost my job and not knowing what I wanted to do next.  I hired Nancy as my life coach to help me understand and prioritize my needs both emotionally and intellectually.  Nancy offers gentle, wise guidance, listening intently and making suggestions of possible avenues to explore.  With her help, I abandoned my narrow outlook on what I could do and expanded my horizons.  Now I am a multiply-published author with a new book in progress; and even many years after working  with Nancy, I still remember and use the invaluable lessons she taught me.

Steve Wechselblatt

Business Owner,

Nancy is a powerful force!

From the moment we connected, I knew that working with her was going to be different.

Being in her space allowed something — once heavily shrouded — to be birthed with such ease that I was left in awe.  It was also amazing to witness how quickly things came together after each session with her.

It truly helps to have someone like Nancy in your corner, someone who’s not about the song ‘n dance and not afraid to say what you need to hear versus feed you a bunch of stuff that lacks nourishment.

I highly recommend her!

Adonya Wong

Business Owner,

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