About Nancy

“Want to know more about me? Here’s what I’d like you to know.”

I have three superpowers. (Everyone has at least one; you know! You have your own. These are mine.)

1. I am an Idea Machine. I generate ideas lightning-fast, and almost non-stop. I’m particularly good at creating metaphors and similes (as in, “this is like that” and “that is just like this other thing over here.”)

2. I “get” you at a soul level, almost instantly. It’s automatic and respectful. I’ve always done this, from the time I was an infant. If you have to have a superpower, this one isn’t a bad one to have 🙂

3. I understand meta-context. Whatever the topic, I find the connections where it can make sense to more than just me. I get how things connect. This is also a very useful power to have, especially when the world feels confusing to people.

Because of these super powers, I am in constant, continual communication with The Intuitive Field. The Field of Dreams. I swim in the Sea of Possibility; ideas speak to me, swim with me, place treasure chests of gifts into my hands and into my mind.

What does this mean for you?

  • Ideas for/with you
  • When we speak, I hear your Soul talking (even if you don’t.) I know how to coach you to get in touch with your own Sea of Possibility and retrieve the gems that await you there.

Hire me for:

  • a guided tour of your Field of Dreams
  • an Idea Generator session (prompted by your questions and the direction of your inquiry or desires)

All ages welcome. (Yes, I do “read” babies too! You mean. . . you don’t?)

If you want specific, custom ideas for something you really want, here’s what you need to do now:

Ask me for access

  • guided tour package
  • Idea Generator session
  • project development series (minimum 6 month commitment)
  • Metaphor Generator

From my point of view, none of the other details of my life are as important as what you just read.  But if you insist on knowing more, here it is.

I’m an award-winning writer and an award-winning coach.  After a long career helping small business owners make a profit, unexpected turn of events (isn’t that always how it happens?) led me to pursue my own interests and start my own company, Bright Wings Inc.

Through my company, I am able to serve people who are up to something good, with tools, resources, programs and ideas that take them deeper into that “sweet soul space” they long to experience.

As an author, I write and blog about animals and the human-animal bond (for which I’ve won 7 nominations for the Maxwell Award from DWAA and 3 Maxwell Awards); integrative medicine; consciousness, self growth and spirituality; and observations about living.  In 2009 I humbly accepted the International Coach of the Year Award for my work with clients around the world.