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About Nancy Boyd

Nancy Boyd is a Soul Whisperer. She sees you at the soul level and works with you from that space to lead you to the place where your heart sings with your own truth and you are walking the path that your soul wants for you.

Nancy is a writer, a consciousness worker, and a CoachU graduate who in 2009 was awarded International Coach of the Year. As a certified Flower Essence Therapist, she works co-creatively with the elemental world to provide custom solutions to complex problems for people and their pets.

Nancy sees too many people living lives of quiet desperation. That’s just not acceptable! If you’ve ever had your world come crashing down around you ~ you’re in the perfect place to start a brand new journey with a guide you can trust, because Nancy’s been there and is still shining with presence and purpose.

If you’re ready to leave the misery behind and are serious about improving your situation, start here.

Nancy will stand with and FOR you every step of the way. Let’s make this world a better place right now. We know how. Have the courage to take that first step.

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