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Welcome to the world of Nancy Boyd, where every adversity is a call to greatness, and every soul is a potential masterpiece. Her journey is not just a narrative; it’s a testament to what the human spirit can achieve when fueled by dignity, courage and clarity.

Once a teacher entangled in the constraints of conventional education, whose life’s tumultuous waves – misfortune, chronic illness, personal traumas – steered her to undiscovered shores, Nancy grappled with life’s harshest realities, only to unearth a profound truth: her destiny to heal and lead.

From the restrictive corridors of traditional education to the boundless realms of healing and coaching, Nancy’s path is a testament to relentless pursuit and profound transformation. Trained by Thomas Leonard at Coach U, refined by life’s harshest trials, and celebrated as an International Coach of the Year, her story is not just inspiring; it’s empowering.

The Soul Path Academy she founded isn’t just a venture; it’s a vision turned reality, a tribute to every life touched and transformed by Nancy’s intuitive healing.

Her book, “Healing the Wanting,” isn’t just a read; it’s a journey from yearning to gratitude, a guide to a life of fulfillment and purpose. Due out in 2024, it’s one of the core components in The Soul Path Academy and has been eagerly anticipated since she first announced it.

Picture a sanctuary, The Soul Path Academy – born from Nancy’s award-winning legacy and her sabbatical insights. It’s more than a haven; it’s a launchpad for your own transformation. Nancy’s approach isn’t about surface-level fixes; it’s about diving deep, where your true power and potential lie dormant, waiting for that spark.

Nancy is a Soul Mechanic.  When the metaphorical “check engine” warnings start flashing in your life, it’s a sign you might need a tune-up.  That’s where Nancy comes in.  She knows where to look, what questions to ask, and how to get you tuned up and running more smoothly than you ever have.

Nancy’s own life? A canvas of rich experiences, each brushstroke a story of resilience, spirituality, and a profound connection with life’s essence. From the kitchen where creativity meets health and pleasure, to the serene paths of her Buddhist journey and the nurturing embrace of nature – every element of Nancy’s life is a testament to living fully, deeply, authentically.

Your journey is about to unfold in beautiful ways – as soon as you say yes to becoming everything you’ve always wanted to be. It’s never too late to begin.

This is your invitation to a transformation, guided by a soul that’s walked through fire and emerged not just unscathed, but radiant. If your heart seeks a journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary, let Nancy Boyd be your guide, your mentor, your ally in crafting not just a success story, but a life of profound meaning and joy.

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When I started working with Nancy I was in a dark place.  I felt adrift, having lost my job and not knowing what I wanted to do next.  I hired Nancy as my life coach to help me understand and prioritize my needs both emotionally and intellectually.  Nancy offers gentle, wise guidance, listening intently and making suggestions of possible avenues to explore.  With her help, I abandoned my narrow outlook on what I could do and expanded my horizons.  Now I am a multiply-published author with a new book in progress; and even many years after working  with Nancy, I still remember and use the invaluable lessons she taught me.

Steve Wechselblatt

Business Owner,

Nancy is a powerful force!

From the moment we connected, I knew that working with her was going to be different.

Being in her space allowed something — once heavily shrouded — to be birthed with such ease that I was left in awe.  It was also amazing to witness how quickly things came together after each session with her.

It truly helps to have someone like Nancy in your corner, someone who’s not about the song ‘n dance and not afraid to say what you need to hear versus feed you a bunch of stuff that lacks nourishment.

I highly recommend her!

Adonya Wong

Business Owner,

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