In my last post I wrote about the meaning of 11:11.  Today, I want to follow up with more information about that, not only because I feel it is so important but also because it has a lot to do with how this year will unfold — and how YOU can make those numbers work for you.

11:11 and 2011

January 2011 is the beginning of a cascading series of portals, which lead to a grand event near the end of this year.  Each month, we get another “chapter” to write.  Yes, we ourselves — the Human Family — are writing this story!  And I don’t know about you, but this has me more excited than I can ever remember being.  Like, ever.

January began with 1:11:11.  Each month, on the 11th, there is another portal opening, with new information for each of us to work with.  In other words, another portal will open on 2:11:11, another on 3:11:11, and so on.  According toe the Laws of 11:11, we each must take responsibility for what we choose to co-create together.  The energy and the portals opening will help us do this in increasingly wonderful ways.

If you like, you can work with these portal dates as themes within the 11:11 laws.  For instance, if January represents a beginning, or the number 1, then the corresponding Universal Law would be The Universal Law of Free Will and The Spiritual Law of Freedom of Humans (or, if you prefer, Sentient Beings.)   This Law is all about the proper use of free will, and how its use represents our true freedom.  Freedom to become, to co-create, and yes, to procreate (if we so choose), but above all — the freedom to choose.

We can in our societies and cultures make all the laws we want, but the Universal Laws come before them all.  When a person truly understands — and lives by — such laws, we will be living in peace and harmony with all the other beings who are in the Universe along with us.  We are only as free as we imagine ourselves to be, and we are only free to use our will for that which creates and supports more goodness.

It is the misuse of will that gets humans in trouble.  I could name a few categories where the misuse of the will leads to things that are neither peaceful not harmonious:

  • greed
  • self-centeredness
  • fear
  • anger
  • envy and jealousy
  • covetousness
  • deception and lies

And the list goes on.  All these things arise from the improper use of the human will.

If you wish to be free from harm — AND from causing harm to others — you need look no further than your own heart, to determine the truth about your own will.  Are you thinking and acting in ways that are aligned with this Law?  If so, you will enjoy the freedom of happiness, along with a vast field of potential only waiting for your playful engagement.

You have to choose something; it might as well be good!

I would love to hear your thoughts about this topic, and about the unfolding portals we will be privileged to enter during the rest of this year.

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