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Here you can learn everything about flower essences, what they are, what they do for you and your animal friends, how they’re made, how to use them, and how we can support you in becoming the person you always wanted to be.

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What we want you to know:

Flower essences are liquid solutions containing the bio-electrical patterns of energy from a flower, captured in water. These solutions are vibrational healing remedies that transform patterns of function and/or behavior for people and animals.

FLOWERS ~ We all know about their beauty. Their fragrance.
Even their culinary benefits.
But do you know the most important thing of all about flowers?
(Most people don’t.)

The most important thing about flowers is their ESSENCE!

Each flower carries a special purpose, encoded vibrationally in its petals. From these petals, a flower essence is made.


The flower’s essence is the most important thing

When that flower essence comes into contact with YOUR vibrational system, the flower’s bio-electrical pattern is transmitted to your vibrational system, so that you too can know wholeness and beauty inside.

That’s the simple story. For a deeper understanding of how this works, I invite you to get my free book Dances With Flowers ~ and to check out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section below.

What else you should know:

Flower essences work with your consciousness, to shift behaviors from imbalance and disharmony to ones of integrity, alignment and wholeness — for both humans and animals.

If you’ve never experienced flower essences before, perhaps now is the time for you.  Take some time to explore our free book, FAQs and our extensive catalog ~ and when you’re ready, book a private consultation for yourself or a family member or pet and get your very own custom blended flower essence formula tailored specifically to heal precisely what you need.

The Body Electric

Your body is made up of millions and millions of tiny electrical circuits – one for every major organ system and function – and for each of your primary areas of expression in life (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.) Together they make it possible for you to be “you.”

Whether you are aware of these circuits or not, their proper functioning makes you able to experience Life as you prefer – or it makes it challenging for you. It is the work – and purpose – of flower essences to help you keep all your bio-electrical circuits functioning optimally.

When you stub your toe, for instance, it probably hurts like crazy for a period of time – and then you forget about it. But what happens to the electrical circuits involved in the proper functioning of:

– how you experience – and heal from – pain?
– your toes and your foot?
– your gait and how you walk and use your feet and legs?

How well you are able to manage – and support –
your own bio-electrical system
will in large part determine how easy it is for your to be “you”
– or how challenging.

If you were able to restore all your circuits each time you stubbed your toe, then all will be well. But if you forgot to put one of the plugs back into the socket (or forgot where the right socket is) then sooner or later something won’t work right.   That’s just what happens.

Sore Toe

Sore Toe

Fortunately for us humans (and our animal friends, too)
the flowers are here to help!

All you have to know is what’s “wrong.” From this we can determine which flower does the job to reconnect that specific circuit (or series of circuits.) When you take the right flower essences, your bio-electrical circuits can remember again what they need to know: from how to “be you”, to how to heal from all your stubbed toes and anything else that may have happened to you in any area of your life.

A personal story about the Body Electric,
from my own experience ~

The first time I knew that our bodies are made of more than flesh and blood, I was sitting in deep meditation. I was in my early 20’s. I saw (in mental imagery, but as real as if it had been in the room with me as a solid being) a figure in brown robes. The figure beckoned to me, in a gesture meant for me to come towards him, so I did (in mental imagery.)

As I approached him, he pointed to something behind me, and as I turned to look I saw a lump of clay that was shaped in a seated position, as I had been (and still was, physically.) The clay was reddish-colored and, I thought, extremely ugly. Then I observed that within the clay were tiny filaments of light, pulsing brightly. They were so lovely, so delicate, yet so powerful. They were pulsing with Life Force Energy, the very substance of Life itself.

Then suddenly I became aware
that what I was observing
was. . . ME!

I was seeing myself from outside my body somehow! The shock of it drew me back with a “thud” into my body again, at which point I began sobbing uncontrollably. I was so sad that I could no longer see the beautiful lights pulsing – and I was immeasurably sad at how common and. . . well. . .rather ugly the physical body is, in comparison to what “runs” it.

Buddhist monk in lotus position

The Body Electric

Since that time, I have never forgotten what those circuits look like.

I have searched high and low to discover anyone and anything that could tell me what it means, or help me interpret what I saw during that meditation. I have read books, I have studied with masters from Tibet and many indigenous cultures, and I have finally found the answers I sought – in the work I now do as a flower essence healer and specialist in creating custom blended flower essences for people and animals.

The human body does have acupuncture circuits, yes. But that’s not what I saw that day.

Jin Shin Do (a form of Body/Mind acupressure) teaches that there are circuits in the human body called “Strange Flows” that roughly parallel the acupuncture circuitry in our bodies but do not behave according to any known, traditional acupuncture Laws. These Strange Flows more than likely tap into – if are not central to – our bio-electrical circuits that make us who we are.

For myself, I have come to understand that what I saw were the central portion of my own bio-electrical circuits that make me “me” – they govern my Life Force Energy and allow me to remain in physical form.

Every living thing has such a pattern – as well as millions and millions of subsidiary bio-electrical circuits that enable each and every function we have.

Scientists have begun to explore these minute frequencies, and to develop equipment sensitive enough to measure and record them. Perhaps in future this kind of bio-electrical therapy will become well-known and commonplace.

But until then, the one and only way that is known to balance – and heal – your bio-electrical system is through flower essences. They restore patterns and can introduce new ones as desired, if you wish to develop yourself in any particular way.

While the energy carried through our bio-electrical systems is tiny in comparison to the electricity that powers our appliances and makes our houses comfortable, without those circuits we would not exist at all in human form. It’s that simple, and that important.

This information is not yet taught in medical schools. It is my fervent wish that one day, it will – for the betterment of all humans and our animal friends.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are flower essences?

Flower essences are liquid preparations containing the distinctive etheric energy patterns of a specific flower.  At a particular time of year and day, fresh blossoms are selected from the flower, taken with respect and permission, and placed into a bowl of purified spring water, where the bio-electrical vibrational patterns are infused by the morning sun into the water.

The life force from the petals permeates the water, creating what is called “mother essence” — from which stock and dosage bottles are prepared.

flower in bowl of water

Flower in bowl of water


How do flower essences work?

“. . . flower essences are actually an etheric imprint held in the medium of water, which then speaks in subtle language to the human psyche or soul” says Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz of the Flower Essence Society.

Flower essences are often called “remedies” for their remarkable and positive abilities to bring to consciousness precisely what is needed to restore balance and health in one’s life.

These remedies contain subtle properties from the inherent life force within the flowers from which they came, without any part of the actual plant still remaining in the water.  These subtle vibrations can help us to better understand what it means to be fully human, and to realize our full potential for spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness.

It is commonly understood that the human body (and the bodies of all mammals) contain up to 90% water.  What is less understood are the underlying reasons for this.

One of the major reasons
we have so much water in our body
is to conduct the bio-electricity
through all systems that govern our function and form.

When we take flower essences, the energetic pattern from a specific flower is introduced to our body’s bio-electrical system where, through the principles of conductivity, whatever may have been out of balance in our bio-electrical system can be restored to its natural state of wellness.

The introduction of the correct (or desired) pattern informs YOUR bio-electrical system how to adjust its structure to hold and use the new information.

We need not always know or understand which circuits need balance, or where in our bodies, minds, emotions or spirit we need to reconnect.  All that need be known in advance is:

— what seems “not right” with us
— what we are striving to experience differently
— where we would like to grow
— how we wish to more fully experience life

There will be an appropriate flower whose “job” it is to balance this condition or state.

For more information and details about how flower essences work for people and animals, I invite you to download and read my book Dances With Flowers.  Just click the button on this page and it will be on its way to you.

How are flower essences administered? How do you take them?

For humans, you take the drops on your tongue (being careful not to touch the glass portion of the dropper) — or in a small amount of water (not with food or any other liquid.)  Students and commuters may place their midday doses into a glass or metal bottle of water that they drink throughout the day, to keep the system “well informed” consistently.

The usual dose is 4 drops 4 times daily unless your practitioner advises a different amount and frequency.  Most of the time this will be:

— when you first wake in the morning
— mid-morning
— mid-afternoon
— before bedtime

For commuters or for convenience’ sake, you might want to put your midday doses into a bottle of water that you carry with you and can drink throughout the day, to keep consistent flow of information to your bio-electrical system. 

You can also place some drops of your flower essences into your  bath water (so long as you also take them by mouth as well.)

It’s best to take them first thing in the morning and the last thing at night (upon retiring to sleep)  when your consciousness if more available to the information that the flowers hold for you, and throughout the day as is convenient.

Don’t worry if you forget a dose, or if you take more than 4 doses daily.  Neither will hurt you.  Just return to 4 doses daily when you remember.

For animals, there are different procedures, which are outlined below in the Flower Essences For Animals area.

How many different flower essences are there?

Dr. Edward Bach, the renowned healer whose work in the early 20th century with flower essences created the basis for most of our understanding of flower essence principles today, gave us 38 basic essences, known as the Bach Remedies or Bach Flowers.  For many, these are the only flower essences you know.

From there, skilled practitioners and healers have developed nearly 3,000 different flower essences from all cultures and continents.

In my own personal repertory I have more than 2700 individual flowers in stock, from which I prepare my custom blended formulas.  While I can and sometimes do make my own flower essences, I generally source my stock bottles from trusted suppliers whose work I know and whose essences are reliable and effective.

Often on my walks I will encounter a new flower and spend some time with it to determine if it has a purpose that will be of service to people or animals.  On rare occasions I will then make an essence of that flower, with its permission and blessing, and offer it to my customers.

Research continues to this day all over the world, to discover and verify the properties of every flower known to humans, and to create potent essences from them for our use and well-being.  As new ones are discovered, we add them.

Do flower essences have a fragrance or taste?

No, they don’t!

I am often amused when I’m exhibiting at a health fair or expo to observe someone unfamiliar with flower essences open a sample bottle and try to smell it, and watch their puzzled looks when there’s nothing to smell.

People are often confused about the difference between flower essences and essential oils.  So let’s clear that up.

1)  Essential oils (used in aromatherapy) work through the olfactory system and through the denser form of your physical body.  Flower essences work through your bio-electrical system.  Different kinds of liquids and different ways they work.

2)  Aromatheraoy uses the essential oils obtained from many different parts of the plant, not just the petals.  Flower essences are made from the vibrational patterns of the petals, and do not contain any plant parts.

3)  Essential oils are fragrant; flower essences are not.

4)  Essential oils are. . . OILFlower essences are water that holds vibrational patterns of bio-electrical information.

4)  Essential oils are usually administered externally (although some food-grade essential oils are marked safe for culinary use and can be taken internally); flower essences are taken internally, although they CAN be applied externally or added to massage oils or bath water.  The main differences are:  essential oils are for external use and flower essences are for internal use.

Please check carefully before giving essential oils to children or pets, regardless of whether or not they are food grade or marked safe for internal consumption.  Many essential oils are toxic to children and pets, so please be absolutely certain that any essential oils put into food or drinks are safe to ingest.  Flower essences are always safe to give to children and pets; many essential oils are not.



Do flower essences have any side effects?

No.  None.

This has been proven over more than a century of use in both human and animal healing.

Are flower essences safe?

Yes, they are safe — even for newborns and animals.

What if I have allergies?

No problem.  Unlike herbal medicines and tinctures, there is nothing in flower essences to which one might be allergic, since the only ingredients are pure water and a preservative.

For those with known sensitivities or allergies, there are four choices of preservative (which prevent contamination of your flower essences):

Alcohol (your choice of brandy or organic vodka)
Vegetable glycerine (made from coconuts)
White vinegar
Red shiso (a vegetable base with a very high vibration and stabilizing quality; this is my preferred preservative unless you with a different one.)

The only other ingredient is purified spring water and flower essences. 

If you have an allergy or a preservative preference, please indicate this when you order, so that we can easily accommodate you.

What if I'm on medication or a special diet?

Again, no problem.  Flower essences don’t interfere with allopathic drugs, homeopathy, herbs, or any special diet.

One would, of course, not choose alcohol as a preservative if your medication or diet prohibits it; and one might not choose glycerine (which is sweet) if one has diabetes of problems with sugar intake.

Let common sense prevail here, but in any case the quantity of preservative is less than 20% of the formula, and one usually takes no more than 4 drops of flower essences at a time — so you won’t be getting very much preservative at any one time.  Each drop is 80% or more water (which carries the bio-electrical patterns of the flowers.)  We’re not talking about a large amount of substance you’re ingesting; all 4 doses would still only be 16 drops a day.  That’s not very much.

If there’s any doubt you can always ask your medical doctor to advise you about the preservative, and let us know what they prefer.  We will be happy to accommodate all requirements.

Does "organic" matter wih flower essences?

A new question surfaced recently having to do with whether or not the flowers from which the essences are made are organic, and if it matters whether they are or not.

My short answer is, “It doesn’t matter.”

So before anyone gets upset about that, let me explain why.  (And yes I am a strong advocate of biodynamic gardening and farming, sustainable and regenerative agriculture, and eco-sound principles and practices.)

My answer has to do with how flower essences are made.  To understand this process completely, let me walk you through it.

1)  Permission is requested from a specific flower whether or not an essence may be made from it.  If permission is granted, it means that the blossom will be plucked from the stalk.  So the plant is sacrificing something.  It’s best to ask permission before doing that.

2)  Once permission is granted, the blossom is carefully removed from the plant without touching it with one’s own hand or any body part.  Usually this is done using a stainless steel or wooden utensil.  (Any direct contact with the plant risks contaminating the pure energy of the plant with yours; the information transmitted will be corrupted.)

3)  After removing the blossom, thank the plant for its gift and let it know that it will be used for healing purposes for humans and animals.  Many people don’t take this step, but personally I find it important.

4)  The blossom is placed into a glass bowl of purified spring water, where it is infused by the sunlight during early morning hours.  This transfer process generally takes from 2-4 hours.

5)  When the transfer of energies from the blossom is complete, the flower is carefully removed from the bowl of water, again using a stainless steel or wooden implement like a pair of kitchen tongs.  I personally use bamboo.  There is NO actual plant part remaining in the water at this stage.

6)  The water now contains the vibrational essence of the flower.

7)  The water is poured into an ambler glass container for safekeeping, usually with a preservative (brandy or white vinegar.)  This water is called the “mother essences” from which stock and dosage bottles are prepared.

Given that there are NO actual plant parts in a flower essence, and given that even if a pesticide had been used on the plant during its growing cycle, no pesticide gets into the plant’s DNA or its bio-electrical system — and THIS (the flower’s electrical pattern) is the ONLY thing that gets transferred.

Not one shred of its chemical or physical properties is transferred — ONLY the electrical pattern (which is not affected by fertilizers or bug sprays.)

As a point of interest, however, you might like to know that all of the flower essences in my repertory come from suppliers whose flowers are grown either in a biodynamic garden or are wildcrafted. 

I hope this answers the “organic” question satisfactorily — as well as helping you understand better what flower essences actually ARE!

How long will it take before I see result?

This is probably THE one question everyone asks; it make sense you’d want to know.

But this is a difficult question to answer because it’s almost impossible to know in advance how you will respond to a given essence.  And how you respond at one point in your life may be very different from how you will respond now.

The honest answer would have to be:  no one can predict for sure.

That said, however, there are some general guidelines.

One will usually start to experience change within one to two weeks, or 7-10 days.  There have been documented cases (even among my own clients) where one dose was all that was required to resolve the issue; others have required several months or more of consistent treatment.

All we can say with certainty is that at some point you WILL notice results.  What we cannot say is how long it will take.

What can I expect from takng flower essences?

Often a person will have an immediate experience of “relief” – some kind of inner knowing that “Oh. Maybe this is going to be OK now.”

For other people, it may take a week or two to notice anything at all. You may even doubt whether or not it’s working. This is one reason why it can be helpful to keep a journal from the day you start taking flower essences – as the changes will be subtle and feel quite natural. You may be changing and not even notice!

One nice feature of taking flower essences is that, unlike most medications, the changes provided by the essences can be permanent. That means that you can create positive, permanent change in your life. This is well known and documented in the literature, and is one reason flower essences are so popular once a person has discovered them.

What we cannot know beforehand is how long it will take for the changes to become permanent for any given individual.

There are four therapeutic stages in the course of treatment (as outlined by the Flower Essence Society):

1. Release and relaxation. You have the sense that “Oh, it’s going to be all right now.”

2. Realization and recognition. You understand how you have participated in creating the situation and what you must to do change. Usually, this is accompanied by a willingness to do so.

3. Reaction, resistance, and reconciliation. At some point, we might feel that the work is too hard, or we may feel uncertain about whether we are ready or really want to make the changes that we know would be good for us. It is at this point that we throw up all our defenses for a time, until we can see a more clear pathway for resolution. It’s not giving up – it’s more like complaining, protesting, or trying to find an easier, softer way, until we understand that even should we succeed, it might not always be to our advantage to do so.

4. Renewal and reconstellation. We understand ourselves, our relationships, and our situation, and have made the inner changes necessary to produce lasting peace and harmony within. We are comfortable with this change. It is no longer an issue in our lives.

On rare occasions there can be what is called a “healing crisis.” In these circumstances, you can feel that the symptoms suddenly become acute or disturbing.

If this should happen while you are taking flower essences, simply understand that this is a GOOD sign! It means that your system has decided to “get this over with” and bring the issues to a head so that they can be permanently resolved rather than to gradually make small incremental changes.

What you should do, if a healing crisis arises for you while you are taking flower essences, is to continue taking them according to the dosage recommended by your practitioner (or according to whatever dosage and timing that you had previously been doing.)

The crisis WILL resolve within 24-36 hours, leaving you feeling clear and free from the condition or state of mind.

I have personally been through this process myself once or twice, and I have to say it was NOT fun. But it was worth every second of the experience. I learned so much from it! And afterwards, the relief was incredible.

If it happens to you, keep taking the essences, let people around you know that you’re going through something very intense but therapeutic – and be extra kind and gentle to yourself.

If you need to reach out to a trusted friend or a psychotherapist during your crisis, let them know as much as possible what the issues are, and what you are struggling with in connection to it. That way, they know better how to help.

How do i know which essence to take?

Good question!  There are many guides and books available to help you choose. 

Self-selection, using your intuition, and muscle testing (Kinesiology) all work.  The services of a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner is recommended if you have more than one problem going on at the same time, or if you don’t feel confident choosing on your own.

Why get a custom blend?

You could research and find some flower essences that will help you — in other words, the do-it-yourself way.  But that is only going to give you partial relief, for just some of the circuits you need to repair. 

Let mw show you a different (and, I feel, a better) way.  Thousands of happy customers agree with me about this.

When you ask for a custom blend, you get THE precise flowers that address the main things you want to change or improve, with highly targeted and intuitive guidance from the flower devas, your higher self, and me — without the expense of purchasing all the individual flowers that you’d have to buy to create the same formula yourself.

What is a flower essence consultation like?

This process is virtual, and takes 45 minutes to an hour, by phone or Zoom.

You don’t need to go anywhere for this. Just set aside the time for us to discuss your situation and to decide together what you want the flowers to help you change or improve. Please find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed or interrupted.

During our private session, we will go over everything in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life as well as what your immediate concerns or issues are. We get a good look at the important things that have happened, your general state of health, what’s bothering you, and how you’d like to experience your life differently.

After our confidential consultation, I will prepare your personal custom blended flower essence formula – your own custom “bouquet”. We work with you to find the exact formula that will bring your bio-electrical system back to its natural balance, with a choice of preservatives to choose from (as outlined above.)

Besides getting a bottle of your own custom blended flower essences (the first bottle is included in the cost of the consultation) there are other reasons to work with me, instead of trying to do it yourself.

One is that most of my clients tell me that they would pay me almost anything I wanted to charge just to have someone listen to them as deeply and lovingly as I do. It seems that few people actually have someone in their life who does this for them. This alone is often worth the cost of a consultation, for many clients.

But more than that, you are working with a seasoned professional who knows how to connect with your soul/higher self, to communicate with you at a higher level and understand what your own soul is calling you to become, which energy patterns are keeping you from Being this now, and also which flowers carry the new patterns that you need to introduce into your system, so that you can easily make the changes you want.

It’s all about energy, really. That is the gift that the flowers offer to us: patterns for change and transformation that create harmony, balance and beauty.

You get your own personal “bouquet” of flower energy, prepared by an expert in the field of energy work, who knows how to bring the right energies together to make YOUR energy system feel wonderful again.

That is something you can’t buy in a store, online, or do yourself.

It’s why you should ask for help, and get your own custom blend made for you.

One more thing I’d like to say (and I suppose it’s kind of a brag, but I’m really proud of it.) I work with a fair number of shamans, to provide them with specialized flower essence blends. One of them told me this week that they can get flower essences from anywhere but that she will only buy them from me now because the energy I put into them is so amazing. “I can’t get that anywhere else and I won’t even try.”

What you will get with your personal, custom blended flower essence formula is not just a “bouquet of energy” but also a vibrant, living pathway back to YOU.

When you’re ready, book a consultation and get your very own custom blended flower essence formula
for yourself click here
or for your family click here


“The essences have been really wonderful and have been instrumental on my journey. They help me because I believe that Spirit is in your essences because you are an open vessel for Spirit. Each of your essences that I have taken works subliminally and in conjunction with my existing and evolving practice. I have also noticed that by the time I have used all the essence, I have clarity and resolution about the matter, and have moved through to the next level of growth. It comes from my subconscious to my conscious and back to my subconscious! I enjoy that process because it allows me to release those internalized behaviors that no longer serve me. I find that when I have launched a desire the Universal Forces line up what I need, and you and your wonderful essences have become a part of me! Thanks.” – Deanne Feaster, Metairie, LA (Katrina survivor)

Flower essences deliver healing energy


This testimonial comes from a client who operates a large canine rescue organization. The dog was suffering from chronic diarrhea of unknown cause, despite every kind of test they could give it. They could not get it under control no matter what they tried. They were desperate and the dog was suffering terribly, losing weight and energy.

We sent them our Digestive Relief Formula and here’s what happened:

“WOW! That tells it all. By day 4 her stools started to firm up. Occasionally she will have a soft stool but no diarrhea in her kennel at all. She holds it until she gets out. We are all blown away by what this formula has done for her. Praise God, and thank you Nancy. She is putting on weight slowly but surely.”

And this, from foster cat mom in New York: “Tiger and Mittens are now like best buddies. Not only are they not fighting at all, they groom and sleep together as if they were litter mates. This is a miracle. I thought they were going to kill each other if we didn’t get help.” The flower essence formula they took was Peace For The Pack.

Bright Wings Essences

This is our current catalog of available products and services for flower essences for people.
Feel free to explore, and if you don’t find what you need, contact us
to inquire about a custom blend.
We love making new formulas to meet your specific needs!

Tip:  Each product link takes you to a fuller description of each essence.  Click on the ones that interest you to find out all about it and place an order.  If you are ordering multiple items, don’t worry — the shopping cart will hold your selections until you’re ready to check out.

Limited Edition Essences

The Bright Wings Essence

First on the list is the first flower essence I ever made, aptly from the Bright Wings Aesclepius flower. Read the description on the product page to see exactly why I chose it.  The Bright Wings Essence

Tibetan Gentian

Another rare beauty, this one originates from the highest points on the planet. Read the story about how it came into our repertory and why it belongs among the most special essences we carry.  Tibetan Gentian Flower Essence

Italian Alpine Limited Edition Series

The Italian Alpine Limited Edition Series is a unique, rare flower essence set made in partnership with Hasita Nadai of Yoga Gaia. Hasita has spent much time in the Italian Alps, most recently hiking and leading Yoga Gaia retreats.

Over the years, several flowers from the Italian Alps caught her attention, and Hasita asked if I would be interested to make flower essences from them. Of course I did! After some discussion about the flowers that she had identified, I trained Hasita in the process of making flower essences, so she could make the essences right in the Alps, where the energy was most intense and vital.

After a long and complicated process, these beautiful new essences finally made their way to the US, where we can now offer them to the world. I am deeply grateful to Hasita for her contribution, and for all that she brings to the world with her Yoga Gaia practices.  To honor her contribution, a portion of each purchase of these very special essences is donated to a fund for world peace.

Be sure to visit each link below for a complete description of each flower’s patterns and how they will help you. You will be astonished and heartened at the gifts they share.

Enjoy in health and expansion!

Fleur De Soleil

Bavarian Saxifrage

Bavarian Gentian

Safe Harbor Combination (all three Italian Alpine Flowers blended)

Healing Series

For all the kinds of healing you need, we have you covered. From broken bones, to cancer support, to reproductive problems, to all kinds of emotional and spiritual healing ~ we have something to help.

And, as with all our product lines, if you don’t see what you want here, reach out and ask – we love making custom blended formulas for our customers, and we specialize in “difficult cases.” Set up a private consultation to discuss it.

ETS+ For Humans ~ Resets your trauma circuits to normal when they are triggered

Emergency Rescue (5 Flower Essence) Formula ~ Our version of the Rescue Remedy® formula

Anger Calm ~ When the heat of anger rises, this formula calms things down and takes the pressure off. Find the quiet place inside where your feelings are not running the show. Good for everything from annoyance to rage.

Anxiety Relief ~ Fast calming when you’re anxious or fearful about something. This formula eases you away from the ledge of anxiety and helps you find your sweet spot of comfort.

Allergy Relief ~ Provides energetic support for relief from all kinds of allergies and allergic reactions, helping to ease seasonal or situational symptoms.

Arthritis Relief ~ Soothing joints and connective tissue for all forms of arthritis; connects the circuits governing joints and connective tissue, for optimal functioning

Bi-Polar Relief ~ Smooth out the mood swings between extreme highs and lows

Bone Heal Formula ~ For rapid healing of broken or bruised bones

Breathe Easy ~ For all respiratory issues and better breathing

Cancer Recovery Support ~ For bio-energetic healing during recovery from cancer, to support tissue repair and stability

Claustrophobia Relief ~ For fears of small spaces or of being confined; helps stop panic attacks over such fears

Concentration ~ Focus like a laser on what you want, without feeling distracted by sounds or interruptions

Dancing With Your Shadow ~ We all have a dark side. The dance is all about learning what’s there and making peace with it.

Depression Relief ~ One of our most important formulas! This one gives you natural relief from depression and is safe to use whether or not you’re taking medications.

Fertility Formula ~ For when you’re trying to get pregnant (good for both partners to take this)

Grief Relief ~ Comfort and support for healing from grief and loss

Healers Formula ~ Provides support to prevent taking on unwanted energies from other people and the environment; for healers and super-sensitive people in contact with the public

Lyme Disease Recovery ~ For healing from Lyme disease and its symptoms, including long-haul recovery

Healing Generational Wounds ~ Heal what’s been passed down genetically and through familial or religious behavioral patterns and customs

Memory Formula ~ Give your brain the connections it needs, to improve and bolster your natural memory, remember things better and faster, and access what you need when you need it.

Menopause Relief ~ Support to relieve the symptoms of “change of life” for individuals who were born female

Nightmare Relief ~ Get quiet, restful sleep free from disturbing nightmares and bad dreams

Pure Focus ~ Let all distractions fall away so you can focus like a laser.  (Note:  How is this different from Concentration Formula?  Subtle but clear.  Personally, if I’m distracted, I use both.)

Post COVID Survivor Support and Long Haul Recovery ~ NEW for 2022!  To support healing from long-haul COVID and its symptoms

Post-Partum Relief ~ Post-partum depression is a painful experience for both the mother and child. This formula offers relief from both the symptoms and the shame around it.

PTSD Relief ~ Heal the automatic panic response when triggers arise, and soften the effects of long term and/or chronic post traumatic stress

Recovery Formula ~ Support to recover from illness, accidents, or surgery

She Changes ~ Women change. Their bodies change. This formula stabilizes you through ALL the changes of life, whichever ones are happening for you.  (Note:  this formula was created specifically for individuals born female; if you are a transsexual, it won’t hurt you to take this, but it might not help either.  Call me to discuss any questions or concerns.)

Vitality Formula ~ Feel wonderful in every way – healthy, robust and whole

Well-Being Formula ~ Life is good!  Let the flowers show you how to enjoy life to its fullest

Busters Series

Sometimes, you have patterns you know you just have to bust. This series focuses on
the most challenging ones, and offers hope for transformation.

Addictions Busters ~ Free yourself from the chains of addictive behaviors

Bully Busters ~ Stop bullying behavior by addressing the underlying causes (see product description for important details)

Dreadbusters Formula ~ Stop dreading what you fear and find a way through it; sometimes helpful to pair with Procrastination Busters

Obsessions Buster ~ Break the obsessive thinking and behaviors; sometimes helpful to pair with Addictions Busters

Procrastination Busters ~ Stop putting off what you know needs doing; stop avoiding tasks and problems

Shame Busters ~ Get rid of the toxic feelings of shame and transform them into dignity and strength.

Smoke Busters ~ Get the help you need to stop smoking permanently; stop the cravings and emotional longing for comfort

Stress Busters ~ This formula won’t remove the stress, it just makes it easier to handle when it’s too much for you

Chakra Series

With this series, you can balance each individual chakra, buy several at a time to address multiple chakra issues, buy a balancing formula for all of them, or buy the entire set including balancers.

Root Chakra

Sacral Chakra 

Solar Plexus Chakra

Heart Chakra

Throat Chakra

Brow Chakra

Crown Chakra

Chakra Balancing Formula Coordinates the ease of function among and between all the Chakras

Chakra Series Complete Set Including Balancing Formula   All 7 Chakra Essences Plus Balancer

Prosperity Series

Abundo Formula ~ Learn how to lead an authentic life and prosper as a result

Clear Away Clutter ~ Remove the obstacles that keep prosperity from finding you

Clear Clutter Consultation ~ Get support to clear away your “stuff”

Gratitude Formula ~ Gratitude opens the door to prosperity

Manifestor Formula ~ Receive the patterns that show you what to do and how to do it, to manifest what you want

Quantum Prosperity ~ Open to prosperity in all its forms

The Prosperity Package ~ All 4 primary flower essences in the Prosperity Collection: Quantum Prosperity, Manifestor Formula, Clear Away Clutter, and Gratitude Formula ~ a powerhouse for creating all the prosperity and abundance you desire.

Relationship Series

The flower essences in this collection are all about relationships ~ romantic, family, and others

Attract New Love ~ When you’re ready to be in a new relationship

Family of Origin Issues Healer ~ Heal wounds from your family of origin

Forgiveness Formula ~ Open your heart to forgive

Gender Balance Formula ~ Balance both polarities of feminine and masculine energies, when too much of either is uncomfortable

Healing Past Relationships ~ Get over the pain so you can move on

Heartbreak Healer ~ Heal your heart from betrayals and loss (Note:  This one is near and dear to my heart; it helped me heal from one of the worst betrayals I ever had ~ and it’s helped countless others.)

Pride Formula ~ Release the shame or guilt around being LGBTQIA (Note: this formula will NOT “make you gay” if you aren’t! It will simply make who you are worth celebrating.  Just saying, for those wondering.)

Relationship Harmony ~ Learn how to trust in a mutually supportive dynamic.  Keyword here is MUTUAL.

Sacred Feminine Formula ~ Gives you the patterns for sacred feminine energy; important to discover the truth of being female

Sacred Masculine Formula ~ Gives you the patterns for sacred masculine energy; extremely important during times of toxic masculinity

Victim No More ~ Stop the cycle of intimidation and abuse, set and keep good boundaries


All consultations are conducted virtually, either by phone or Zoom appointments. You don’t need to go anywhere; we meet privately at a time convenient to you.

Private Consultations/Individual ~ Arrange a private consultation to get a custom blended formula (includes your first round of essences)

Follow Up Consultation ~ After you’ve received your custom blend, sometimes you need the formula adjusted to include new things that are emerging, or to remove flowers for which you already feel complete. This “tune-up” session gives you the space you need for us to discuss exactly how to change your custom blend and send your new blend.

Family Consultations Package ~ Private consultations for your whole family, including the first round of essences for everyone

Clear Clutter Consultation ~ When you’re overwhelmed with clutter it’s hard to think clearly. And too much clutter can stand in the way of receiving abundance. When it’s too much for you to handle on your own, get a confidential consultation to make a plan. The consultation includes one bottle of the Clear Clutter flower essences to support your project, and a customized plan to clear your clutter.




Flower Essences For Animals



Animals are closer to Nature. They seem to take to flower essences naturally. In the wild, you will always see animals rubbing up against (or nesting in) particular herbs or plants; this is how they absorb the energies from these plants naturally.

When in captivity (as in household pets, for instance, or farm animals) they don’t always have the opportunity to communicate with Nature as they would on their own. So it behooves us – their human partners – to help provide them with the energetic support that Nature would otherwise make available.

One of the BEST ways you can assist your animals friends is to give them flower essences.

Flower essences work through your pet’s bio-electrical system, to create and stabilize patterns of behavior. The flower essences come in liquid form, so they are administered by mouth. The animal’s system “learns” the information it receives from the flowers and can more easily understand what is wanted – and how to adapt its behavior accordingly.

Particularly, if there is some issue or problem that is difficult to resolve through training techniques alone, you may want to turn to flower essences to support and easily handle the changes you want, and that will make your animal friend more comfortable.

Flower essences help most with training, behavioral changes, and relationships with people and other animals. They can also help prevent shock and help your animal return to normal if it gets triggered by an illness, accident, or unexpected traumatic event.

Some examples of situations where flower essences can be helpful for your pet or animal friend:

– Behavior (Help animals understand how to interact successfully in the home and areas where you work and play with them.)

–Relationships (Helps animals work out the pack hierarchies with other animals, deal with challenges in public or unfamiliar situations, and with other kinds of relationships with children and other animals.)

– Rescued Animals (Often, giving flower essences is THE missing piece to help a rescued animal recover from any previous abuse or trauma, while learning how to adapt to a loving new home.  We can’t always know what happened to them before they came to us, but flower essences can help heal whatever it was.)

– Training (Helps your animal friend remember what behavior you want from him and to remember how to perform various commands she is taught.) If your pet is not responding to training as well as you would like, or if there is a persistent behavior that is causing trouble, you can use flower essences in conjunction with your training to easily and quickly get problems under control before they become chronic. That way, everyone wins. When your dog knows what you want and is able to respond appropriately, everyone is happy and life is good.

– Phobias, such as panic attacks during thunderstorms or fireworks (Many animals are extremely upset by loud noises, and/or the changing air pressure during thunderstorms. This formula offers the animals both comfort and stability, so that they don’t go into “panic mode.”) An example from my own practice is Honey, a sweet golden retriever who developed a serious phobia as she got older. Once when something was cooking, the smoke alarm went off and she panicked and went berserk, tearing at curtains and screens trying to escape. Afterwards, every time something went into the oven, Honey became extremely upset again and repeated the panic behavior. The owner called me to see if flower essences could help, and they did. Within minutes of taking her flower essences, Honey was able to remain completely calm, and her owner could again enjoy peaceful mealtimes.

– Claustrophobia (This remedy comes in handy if your animal friend must be confined due to illness or injury, for its own safety and healing space. Animals who fear being confined can find comfort and assurance without distress.)

– Shyness or submissive behavior (Gives confidence and self-assurance to the timid dog.)

– Overstimulation (Help your pet become and remain calm under stressful conditions, or if they become overstimulated.)

– Grief and Loss (Yes, animals grieve losses much the same way humans do. This has been well documented and commonly observed. Even changes such as a move or something a human family member is experiencing can influence your animal friend to take on some of the feelings. Flower essences can comfort and ease the grief, loss, and emotional stress.)

Many flower essence formulas produce immediate results that you can see. Others need to be administered regularly over a period of days or weeks to “take hold.” Every animal is a little bit different that way, just as humans are. What you want to see are signs of progress, which indicate that the flowers are “doing their job.”


1) There are several ways to administer flower essences to animals. The first (and best) way is to put the drops into the palm of your hand and offer them to the animal. Often, out of curiosity, they will investigate – and lick your palm. That is the ideal way.

offer flower essences

Offer flower essences to the animal from your palm

If they approach your hand but do not lick, then gently place your palm against the animal’s muzzle and let the flower essences come into contact with their lips. Never force this but just gently rub the liquid against their lips. They will usually lick their lips and thus get the essences into their mouth.

2) The next best way is to put the dose into their water bowl, making sure the water is fresh and clean. When they drink, they will get their dose.

If there are other animals who share a water bowl, that is fine; the flower essences will neither hurt them nor affect them, unless by chance they are having the same issues – in which case it will help them all.

Refresh their water several times daily, if possible, adding new flower essences each time.

The flowers MUST come into contact with the water inside the animal’s body. Therefore, it must not be administered to the skin, fur, or other body parts; it is administered by mouth ONLY. If you put flower essences onto an animal’s fur or feathers, it is not getting the dose it needs; it won’t connect the information contained in the water, with its own bio-electrical circuits. You’d be wasting a precious resource.

By the same token, do not put the drops onto their food or treats. While theoretically this would put the flower essences into contact with the animal’s water, in fact it would not transmit the information clearly. We have seen that animals receiving flower essences through their food do not respond as well, and in fact often show no signs of improvement whatsoever. Therefore, please stick to what we know works:

               – given directly to the mouth
               – put into their water

People often ask if it’s OK to give the drops directly from the glass dropper. It can be done, but the risk of contaminating the dropper is very high. Animals will want to lick the dropper (which would not hurt the animal, but it would contaminate the dropper.)

If the dropper touches anything but the formula, it MUST be cleaned thoroughly. Hold it under clear running water for a minimum of two minutes. If an animal has licked the dropper, you must disinfect it by washing it in hot soapy water and letting it dry thoroughly before returning it to the bottle.

Those are all the ways to administer the flower essences to an animal.

When your animal friend’s bio-electrical circuits are well connected, she is a happy healthy animal and a fit companion for you and your family. Rather than use potentially dangerous medications that can have side effects, the natural and safe remedies from flowers are what you want when something isn’t working the way it should, because that is what will reconnect her to her ideal patterns again.

Make sure YOUR animal friend has the bio-electrical support it needs
and you will both experience a more enjoyable life together.


Feel free to explore, and if you don’t find what you need, contact us to inquire about a custom blend. We love making new formulas to meet your specific needs!

Product List

TIP:  Find an essence that sounds interesting and click on it for a longer description and to place an order.  If you are ordering multiple items, not to worry ~ the shopping carts holds them for you until you’re ready to check out.  Enjoy!

ETS+ For Animals ~ resets their trauma circuits to normal when they’ve been triggered

Abandonment and Abuse Relief ~ For healing from abandonment and/or abuse

Adapting to Change ~ Supports your animal friend to adapt to any kind of change

Animal Anxiety Relief ~ Relieves anxiety in animals.

Animal Bone Heal Formula ~ for rapid healing of broken or bruised bones

Animal Caretaker Formula ~ Empathy and unconditional love in care-taking relationships, increased intuitive communication, joy and enthusiasm in selfless service, for animal and human caretakers.

Animal Emergency Care ~ For any kind of injury, upset or illness for animals, to stabilize and reduce shock.

Animal Grief and Loss ~ Animals feel loss from death, losing a home, or other changes just as humans do, and grieve as deeply. Offer them comfort and a way to process their grief so they can be happy again.

Animal Immune Support ~ Provides support for a healthy immune system in animals.

Animal Recovery Formula ~ To help animals recover from illness, accidents, or surgery

Animal Training Formula ~ To help your animal remember what s/he learned

Animal Vitality Formula ~ Active, healthy, vitality is the pattern this formula offers your animal friends. Let them enjoy their lives with pleasure and robust energy.

Balance Me Formula ~ To reconnect the circuits for animals with seizure disorders, to lessen the number and severity of attacks naturally

Breathe Easy for Animals ~ To strengthen the system when there are lung and pulmonary system or upper respiratory issues.

Claustrophobia Relief For Animals ~ When they’re afraid to be crated or confined

Digestive Relief ~ For relief from all gastrointestinal issues.  (Note:  if an animal has parasites, they should also be seen by a veterinarian for medication and treatment.)

Fear Biters Formula ~ For animals acting out their stress inappropriately (see description for important details about this formula)

Feral Cat Calm ~ When you’re working with feral cats, you need to get them quiet so you can help

Flow Free ~ For urinary tract health, issues of flow anywhere in the system.

Gentle Aging ~ Helps maintain emotional equilibrium and good cheer during declines in function associated with aging process, to help reverse the declines to whatever degree is possible in areas such as flexibility, eyesight, hearing, energy levels and general flow of systems.

Healthy Coat and Skin ~ For healthy skin and fur, for hot spots, rashes, skin sensitivities and allergic situations.

Jealousy Relief ~ When the “green-eyed jealousy monster” shows up in your pet, including sibling rivalry or introducing new members to the household, this formula gives them a new way to handle their responses — for more peace and harmony.  Let them know there’s enough love (and FOOD!) to go around.

Neediness and Separation ~ Relief from separation anxiety or neediness when usual caretaker is away or at work, with animal home alone or in the care of someone other than their person. For issues of clinging, insecurity and lack of self-assurance.

New Beginnings ~ For transition to new caretakers, new role or new home; a must-have for animals you are adopting. Give them the support they need to make a fresh start with you.

Outburst ~ For aggression, outbursts of violent behavior often unexpected or out of character, any unproductive release of pent up emotions through destructive physical activity or energetic overload.

Panic Relief ~ For panic attacks, fear of loud noises, thunderstorms, etc. Immediate relief for panic attacks from loud noises, thunderstorms, fireworks, anything that startles or panics them.

Peace With The Pack ~ When you have more than one critter in the household, this formula helps them get along peacefully with each other

Pest Away Formula ~ Energetic support for keeping pests away from your animals, making them less attractive to ticks, flies and other insect predators; most effective when used in conjunction with natural topical treatments

Puppy/Kitty Mill Rescue Formula ~ Animals that come from breeding mills need special kinds of support in order to trust humans; they have often been abused and neglected. This formula puts them on a path of healing and fresh starts.

Receiving Kindness At Last ~ For rescued animals who may have almost given up on anyone loving them and don’t know how to receive love when it’s given. This formula opens the door for them.

Rescued Animal Relief ~ One of the most important formulas in our Flower Essences For Animals collection; it can mean the difference between success and failure when a rescued animal finds a new home

Run and Play ~ To support the healing process for any injury or chronic condition which interferes with joyful, flexible, carefree running and playing. Supports optimal mobility for animals.

Star Struts ~ For reluctant show animals; brings out the star quality in them! Supports balanced self expression for animals in or out of shows and performance; helps shy and retiring animals blossom and very assertive animals find appropriate poise and restraint.

Stop Spraying ~ For inappropriate urination problems

Transitions Formula ~ When an animal has been injured, or to prepare it for the changes of old age and eventual death.  This formula is especially helpful for the animal prior to euthanasia when that is the only option.


When you don’t find a product in our catalog that matches what you need, you may want to book a consultation to get a custom blended formula.  I enjoy working with difficult situations ~ which is how many of the formulas you see in our catalog were produced.

Consultation for An Animal ~ Let’s talk about what’s going on and get your animal friend its own custom blend.




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