Liquid Smudge ~ Sacred Spaces Energy Clearing Series

“It’s easier to do your best work when your space is clean and clear.
Liquid Smudge helps keep your space fresh and ready for you.”

Clean. Clear. You. Your space. How would you like it to be that way, any time you like? That’s what you will get with Sacred Spaces Energy Clearing Sprays!

It’s for:

  • clearing your space
  • preparing a room for healing work or meditation
  • remove stale odors (such as hotel rooms or offices)
  • when you want to change the vibrational quality of an enclosed space
  • to remove the vibrations of negativity
  • to uplift your spirits

If any of these are what you want, then you need the Energy Clearing Sprays from Sacred Spaces Environmental Energy Series.

It was created by a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner and Level Two Reiki Practitioner, in a sacred way, based on the traditional formula – and there is nothing else like it.

Within the Sacred Spaces Energy Clearing Series, there are eight formula for clearing your aura and your space, and to ground positive energy after you’ve cleared the space ~ and six more to address Feng Shui issues in your space.

All of the Sacred Spaces Environmental Energy Clearing Sprays are fragrance-free, so you can take them anywhere, even places where fragrances are not allowed.  All of the major US retreat centers now ban fragrances or incense because so many people have environmental sensitivities or allergies.  Our Sprays are fragrance free, so you can safely use them anywhere!

However, for those of you who just love good smells, we have something you will love.  New for 2012 is a really lovely Organic Sweetgrass Spray, in 2 sizes:  30 ml/1 oz. and 60 ml/ 2 oz.   We will be adding more organic sprays in 2013 for energy clearing.  Please visit and bookmark the sites below to be notified when there are new items to offer you ~ and get your free report revealing the secrets to clear energy in any space.

Every batch of our Sacred Spaces Energy Clearing Sprays are infused with Reiki energy and prayers for removing negative energy, uplifting your spirits, and grounding the energy of health, happiness, and peace into your space.

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