Our mid-life is the time when we start to question our life choices and what we have accomplished. Much of what we consider to be a mid-life crisis is culturally ingrained by how youth-oriented we are in The West as opposed to the cultures of Japan or India, which place far more importance on the wisdom and counsel of elders. In fact, it’s not really a crisis at all; Communications Biology explains that it’s just a shift in thinking about our lives and what we may have missed, and what we hope to accomplish. Read on for some insight from Bright Wings, Inc.

midlife Renaissance

Mid-Life Renaissance

Your Exciting Future
One of the best ways to get yourself unstuck is to envision a future full of things you want to do ~ goals and aspirations that you can set into motion right now to place yourself in the future you want to live in. Then plan for how to make it happen.

Perhaps you’ve never finished earning your degree, or you want to change careers, and going back to school can make that happen. The advent of online degree programs means you can still work your present job, all while taking courses in the field you wish to pursue. What’s more, you can benefit from a teacher certification leading to licensure while earning your credentials around your schedule.

But if you have an entrepreneurial bent, recent trends show that the average age for people starting their own businesses is 45. Create a business plan to follow all the steps you’ll need to get it up and running, including how you want to structure it.

A Change of Scenery
If you’re unhappy with where you’re living, this is an excellent time to do something about that. If there’s a part of the country where you’d rather be for whatever reason (better climate, a beach, some mountains, or exciting city life) there’s no time like the present to make it happen.

Instead of stressing about buying a home in your dream location, consider renting instead. That way, you have the luxury of “test driving” the new place without the worry of having made a long-term commitment to it. You can easily scout out places by doing some online research to find one in your price range with just the kind of amenities to make you happy.

Switch Up Jobs
You may also benefit from finding a more rewarding job. Of course, you’ll need to showcase your academic background, career experiences, and skills by creating an eye-catching curriculum vitae. When you utilize a free online CV builder, you can choose from a library of professionally designed templates, and then add your own copy, fonts, graphics and more. As you look for online tools that make this task quick and easy, you can make this a fun project that can take you where you want to go.

Focus on Your Health
Good health is important at any stage of life, but there are some aspects that are more important during mid-life. For example, obesity rates are higher among those aged 40-59 than among those aged 18-39. Being overweight or obese can lead to a number of chronic diseases and conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and arthritis.

Dining out and long hours in front of a computer are two of the main culprits leading to this unhealthy state. A change in diet to include more fruits and vegetables can not only help you live longer but improve the quality of those years too. Getting out of your chair every hour and walking for five minutes plus a thirty-minute walk during your lunch break means you’ll have achieved those all-important 10,000 steps per day that are important for your heart health.

Your mental health is equally important. Cano Health notes that learning to meditate relieves stress, which, of course, makes you feel happier and more content, but it also reduces your blood pressure, helps you focus, and improves memory, among a host of other wide-ranging benefits.  Focusing on what’s important right now, instead of regrets about the past or worries about the future, can go a long way to dispelling those mid-life crisis stressors that can happen to anyone.

Remember, this is the perfect time to go back to school, start a new job, begin a new diet and fitness regime, or begin any activity that puts a positive outlook on your future. Instead of being in crisis mode, you’ll soon be looking at this time of your life as exciting and full of possibilities.  Make your mid-life years a true Renaissance!

Guest Author Lillian Brooks worked for years as a special education teacher with a focus on teaching children with learning disabilities. She created the website, Learning Disabilities, to offer information and understanding to parents of children with learning disabilities, as well as adults who are in need of continued support in order to succeed.

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