Happy Chinese New Year! Gong hay fat choy!  (At least that’s how they used to spell it. . . )  This year is the year of the Rabbit, which according to those who follow such things, means a year of careful progress, prosperity, and abundance.  It can also make for some unusual events, distractions, and too much of a good thing.  (Umm, remember that old phrase “multiplying like rabbits”???)

Year of the Rabbit. Photo by GlobalP

As we enter a new energy this year, what is it that you are most wanting to increase?  Focus on that — and be aware of that which you hope does not increase (such as debt, for example.)  Do your best to create circumstances favorable to what you want to expand, and figure out how to limit that which you don’t.

As for the “chaos factor” — sometimes there isn’t much to be done about that.  But this I know:  you have control over your own thoughts, if you learn to discipline your mind.  It’s worth your effort, especially during times when chaos is prominent in the outer world.  All you have to do is look at the news to “get” what that’s about.

Make it your business to increase good stuff, and limit everything else.  Turn your mind to productive and positive, much as you tune into a favorite music station.  If something comes along to bump you off the station you prefer, get hold of the dial and tune it back.  The world may be manifesting chaos outside, but it’s up to you to manifest order internally.  Make sure you keep your hand on the mental and emotional controls, and practice regular “station tuning.”

Oh, and if you’re still struggling to get organized?  You may want to read this post.  It’s about a cool tool I use and recommend.

One last tip:  have fun!  Whatever is going on can only be made better with a smile and a generous heart.

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