While each of us probably has our own personal idea about what the world would look like  — mine is conveniently called “A Better World According to Nancy” — and yours will have whatever title you choose to give it — there are probably some areas of agreement that a majority of people could find, if we put our minds to it.

World of Green -- Photo by cinoby

That’s one reason I love World5.  This group of people are actively working to articulate what an ideal world will be like — and inspiring anyone who wants to, to take a piece of that and do something with it.  Like, actually create a piece of that new-and-better-future, only in the right-now-real-time world.

Here is the first paragraph of their Declaration:

“We, the people of Earth, in light of the three truths, do ordain and engender World 5.0. These truths are first: We live in Eternal Awareness, Sharing different forms, Together Immersed in This Moment. There is no other reality. Second: Here, of prime concern is our intent: fear or Love. And third, only Love makes us happy.”

The rest of their Declaration will make your soul sing, even if it’s worn out from all the trouble going on

We CAN create a better world. It’s already started.  Catch the wave and grab hold — it’s going to be a wild but exhilarating ride!

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