Many of us who are now successful in life have wounds ~ from somewhere in the past, often as far back as childhood.

feeling diminished

Feeling Diminished

This question leads us to remember that first of all, we are whole and sacred beings, worthy of living a full and prosperous life here on this planet.

It also reminds us that we have faced troubles ~ and overcome them.  We did then, we are now, and we will in future.

Oh and it reminds us that we have something empowering to share with others, too. Something that can help them to lift themselves out of despair and isolation.

It’s time for us all to be talking about the things that have been long hidden — not as fuel for more rounds of self-pity or for any kind of ego validation.  No one needs more of that!

The reason we need to be talking about it is so that those who have not yet started their healing journey can come to understand three important things:

1.  Healing is possible, for everything.
2.  They are not alone; help is available.
3.  There are future gifts from past or present pain, even though that seems impossible or unlikely.  You are proof of it — and someone needs to see you, hear you, experience your wisdom and your story of truth and triumph.

The truth is that we are not diminished any longer.  Whatever happened in the past, is over and done.  We have grown beyond the pain.  We survived.  We emerged from whatever trauma shaped us, into someone wiser, stronger, empathic, empowered, purposeful and compassionate — someone others can admire and be inspired by.

That’s why I’m here today, talking about the hard things.  The things that marked my soul with wounds that once held me back.  The things that used to cause me shame — but now allow me to walk in dignity and peace, because I’ve healed them.

I know who first diminished me, and I understand how that damaged my sense of connectedness with Source energy and personal agency, my sovereignty and birthright in this world.

That’s part of my story, but it wasn’t the END of the story — only the beginning.  I need to remember that trauma and misfortune DID happen — and that the wounding left scars that are still with me today.  I can be tender with those scars, but I no longer need to hide them or pretend it didn’t happen, especially not out of fear of how I will be seen by others.

It’s not especially important to point fingers at people who hurt us in the past, except to take meaning from it and allow it to guide us towards turning what happened into something better.

Of course, if that person is still in your life, part of your healing path will have been around setting good boundaries with them, for your own good — as well as taking any other steps needed to repair the damage caused and to prevent further trauma.  I hope you’ve already done that.

While we are not responsible for what others did, we ARE responsible to heal the damage and to do whatever we can to restore our bodies, minds, emotions and spiritual wellbeing to wholeness and radiance.

While it’s not my work in the world to do this kind of therapy with you, it IS my calling to walk with you into new paths forward once you’ve done your inner work.  It’s my honor and privilege to be your sacred witness and your success partner going forward.

See, you have a story, too — and from my perspective and through what I now know, it’s important to honor it by remembering the gifts your pain has brought you when you’ve done the inner work, to become willing (in your own time and way) to stand in your own truth and dignity, to share it when you want to and to lead others to their own healing when and if you feel ready.

Our connections with others and their stories of triumph over trauma is a powerful force for changing the world.  This is something I am coming to feel, know and believe more strongly every day.

If you’d like to be part of these kinds of conversations, filled with hope, compassion, wisdom, power and humor (yes, I said that!) ~ I invite you to join our tribe of wounded leaders working in our group Soul Mastery in Conscious Evolution.

In this group, we acknowledge that each of us is on a lifelong journey towards becoming everything that we can become in one lifetime — radiant, alive, and resourced with every good thing.

I warmly welcome you to join me and other kindred souls to continue finding ways to create the kind of world no one needs to recover from.

Please accept my invitation!

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