The world is suffering from many challenges, but today I want to talk about a few that are urgent:   Core Wounds.

Core Wounds

Core Wounds

Each of us has a core wound; each of our wounds might vary from person to person but I’d say the biggest core wound we humans face is the sense of separation from the Divine.   In just a moment I’ll say more about that, but first. . .

Right now, we are ALL being called to heal our core wounds (along with whatever else we need to heal in order to feel and become whole.)

That’s a big ask and a heavy lift — because we still have to do the ordinary tasks of living:  work, family, self care (shopping for groceries or growing and preparing food, taking showers) and so on.

Daunting though it may be we cannot escape the call.  Each of us — all of us — are being prompted by powerful energies that relentlessly hammer on the places we feel most vulnerable — until we DO something about it.

Our first core wound is when we start to feel and believe that we are separate from The Divine (whatever you conceive that to be.)  Maybe that belief comes from a religion that teaches about sin and punishment; or perhaps it comes from adverse childhood experiences, where the people who were tasked to care for and protect us — didn’t.

Or perhaps the separation from The Divine came when we started to view the natural world as somehow different from us, merely a backdrop to life rather than a dynamic energy with which we partner for mutual benefit.

Now, if you can’t find The Divine within yourself, you are probably going to start looking for it outside yourself somewhere — in people, places, things — or substances that numb you to the pain of feeling lost.

Now, layer on top of that the myriad major life events challenging the whole world today:

— a global pandemic and how that’s affected individuals, families, and communities
— global climate crises, that have devastating impact on whole towns and regions
— global economic and political unrest and uncertainty/instability

Regardless of whether any of these events have impacted you at the personal level, we are all affected by the collective sense that “something is wrong” — and that there are potential perils to face for all of us.

When we humans endure repeated trauma, there is a collective price to pay.  After each trauma, we default to one of four responses:

— Fight
— Flight
— Freeze
— Fawn (try to placate an abuser so that they won’t hurt you anymore)

All of these responses are natural.  We all have them.

But we can’t stay there.  We have to move beyond the initial trauma response, and find a way to start healing.

Regardless of how your core wound plays out in your life, you are responsible for healing it — along with all the other wounds you’ve accumulated along the way.

But you don’t have to do that alone! Help is available.

The growing edge for humanity is to learn how to manage ourselves better — to learn how to self regulate.

And the reason we have a hard time self regulating is because we haven’t healed.

One of the reasons we’ve become so polarized as a society is because we got stuck in one of the trauma responses.  And now we’ve become addicted to that behavior, repeating it over and over with less and less satisfaction.

If you haven’t done the inner work to heal your wounds, you are going to feel blindsided by these energies — and feel vulnerable and exposed.  You may feel like protecting yourself more (hence the increased purchase of guns — which is a little pointless because the threats are not coming from outside, they are all having to do with how you manage your own sense of self and inner congruity.)

Or you may feel like lashing out in fear or anger towards individuals or groups that you feel threatened by (usually without basis but with plenty of prejudice.)  Maybe you respond by blaming and shaming; I just posted a video on the Top 10 Ways to Stay Out of the Blame Game  — and I encourage you to watch it.

Or. . . you may turn to substances to numb yourself and try to postpone the inevitable awareness of your inner pain.

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you that those choices are not what healing is about.  They don’t work and they don’t heal.

What you need is a different way to experience yourself, a different way to stay present while you make healthier choices.  That requires courage, and the willingness to take a deeper look at what is actually true for you — now and about your wounds.

Often this process can be facilitated by a therapist — but that’s not the only pathway through.  There are many kinds of healers who do this kind of deep soul healing work, and I’m one of them.

The work I do offers you ways to sense-make with context, and provides you the safety you need while you learn to self regulate and stabilize from your wounds.

When you can experience yourself as whole WITH the wounds you’ve experienced and transformed, you are in self mastery.  And the world needs you to do that.  YOU need you to do that!

I’ll be sharing more about what I can offer — the programs and projects — in coming days.

Until then, if what I’m talking about hits home for you — maybe we should have a conversation about some next steps.

I’m an award-winning coach, survivor, lifelong consciousness worker and transcendant alchemist — someone who’s been through the fires, walked the path of transformation and knows how to lead.  I swim in the deep end of the pool — and I invite you to join me there.


NOTE:  My work isn’t for everyone.  You need to be ready.  If we discover during our call that I am not the best person to do your healing work with, I will be happy to make referrals to other healing partners who are more appropriate for you.  Either way, you WILL get answers — and a path forward.

You have nothing to lose by finding out — and everything to gain.


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