What’s The Tribe Up To?

Feb 10, 2010 | Bright Wings articles, Connection

In the “old days” we knew where we belonged.  We were part of a family, a village, a clan, and a tribe.  It was easy to see.

Now?  It all depends on your interests.  Your beliefs.  Your hobbies.  And yes to some extent your family, friends, and affiliations are what define you too.

But for most of us there is an overlap.  Maybe more than one.  The edges are blurred.  Some tribes mix well and others don’t.  (Think the U.S. Senate right now, as an example.  Gosh it would be nice if they find a way to do some more “overlapping” and less identification with whatever “tribe” they think they have going. But that’s a story for another post.  Or maybe for some other blogger. . . )

What I wanted to write about today is staying tuned in with your tribe.  However you define it.

Me?  I have several tribes.  Some of them overlap and some of them don’t.  But they are still where I like to hang out, because each of them feeds me in important ways.  I like to think I return some of that often, but usually I feel that I get more from them than I could ever give back.

There’s the writing community.  This one has overlaps, depending what kind of content it is.

There’s the spiritual community.  This one is so eclectic, we meet when we can,  around ideas or causes or events.

There’s hobbies and interests.  A little bit of political action (Green/Ecology/Sustainability);  some philanthropic communities (we’re talking micro-philanthropy so far here); and a few others.  Social networks.

Before you know it, there’s a pretty amazing crazy quilt that connects through the heart of me.

The challenge I find is, how to keep up with all the changes and big ideas that are happening with all the areas of my life I care about.  Lately I’ve been stumped.  All these social networks and tools we have online and offline that are intended (I think) to bring us together, just provide more ways to spend time.  And they don’t connect us effectively with all the other tribes we belong to.

Where does it all meet, except inside me?  I keep thinking there would be a different way this would all work.  So far I’m not seeing it.  Or maybe it’s there and I’m missing it.  Let’s talk about this!  I want to hear what you think.

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