Are you ready for transformation?  2012 is going to be one of the most transformative years in our lifetime.  Will you be positioned to take advantage of it?  Most people in 2012 WILL feel a change.  A big one.  Will you be riding the wave, like you’ve always wanted to do?  Will you be prepared?

2011-2012 Change: Ready for it? Image by alexsl

If you have ever wondered why some folks seem to always be out ahead of the crowd, I can tell you a little secret:  they had a coach.  You may or may not have a coach right now; you may be trying to go it alone.  (Bad idea this year, I have to say. . . )

Even if you already have a coach, you’re going to want to pay attention to this special offer I’m making today.  Here’s why:

  1. Because this year I’ve been focusing mostly on creating my own products and a few new programs, tailored to deliver enormously more value and transformation for my clients and customers,  I haven’t been doing much 1-1 coaching.  (And I have to say, sometimes I miss it — which is one reason I’m offering these packages this month.)
  2. My hourly coaching rate is now $250 an hour.  Not everyone wants a monthly fee of $1000 for regular coaching, which works out fine for me; the ones who do want it get my best attention 🙂  But there are other folks who would LOVE to have even a little bit of my time, too.  This makes it possible for everyone.
  3. In my coaching practice (and in my personal life) I have found that those who take the time to assess their performance annually, and plan for what they want to create in the new cycle, are many hundreds of times more effective than those who do not.  Doing a reality check regularly makes a difference, but having an objective person with whom to reflect and assess is even more powerful.

That’s why I am offering several new coaching initiatives this month (and early in January) ~  to give you the kind of fuel you need to be as powerful and as effective as you want.

I know that you have big dreams.  I know that you have things you really, really want to do here.

Will 2012 be “your” year?  It very well may be. 

But before you can get to the planning, you need to know more about how you’ve been operating.  You need to understand:

  • what’s been holding you back, and what to do about it.
  • where your innate talents and gifts are serving you well, and where they are not — and how to fix that
  • what your dreams are all about and whether you have been honoring them

Get a year-end review session with me, and get a worksheet that you will use to discover how you did better than you think you did; where you’ve been holding yourself back, and the secret keys to your transformation that have been hiding in plain sight.  During your call you will discover how to make your hidden keys work for you in the transformative period just ahead.

Not that 2011 hasn’t also been transformative!  It has been; but maybe you didn’t ride the waves as well as you’d hoped.  Let’s fix that now.  Sign up for a 2011 review session and give yourself the insight you need to get yourself into position for 2012 and ready for a new, powerful cycle of co-creative energy and success.  You really need to take stock of your performance in 2011 first, before you can get ready for a new year as powerful as the one coming up.

Then, once you’ve completed your review and feel ready to turn your attention to what you want 2012 to bring for you, it’s time to discover what you need to do, and how you need to show up, to take best advantage of the super-transformative energies of 2012.  Your worksheet will give you the questions; your higher self will point the way; and together we will create a power plan for you, to welcome and ride the new waves allllll the way into the most wonderful year you’ve ever had.  Book your 2012 planning session now, and get ready for bringing forth your deepest desires and highest dreams into the world.

By the way, you can book both your sessions in one 90-minute session, or separately.  That’s up to you.  Each session has its own worksheet that needs to be completed and sent to me at least 2 days before your call, so that we can focus on what matters most to you during your call.

There are a limited number of sessions available; they will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis.  If want to figure out where you fell short in 2011, and how to become poised for super success in the highly transformative days ahead, you NEED these sessions.

These slots will go fast,  Don’t wait.  I’d hate to see you miss out on this.

Sign up now.

P.S.  I will be offering an accountability piece to your package, ONLY for those who sign up before December 15th.  Get clicking!

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