In the last post, you learned about our car saga over Thanksgiving (and continuing. . . sigh.)  Turns out that one of the key problems was in not having the right ool for the job.  And in this case, that may NOT be the final key; there could be something further wrong, yet to be determined.  But in that case, the metaphor still works perfectly — because sometimes knowing what’s wrong is how you get from where you are to where you want to be.

And that’s what I want to talk about today.  For want of the right tool — you can lose big time.  I want something much better for you.  I hope you want that for yourself too 🙂

Sometimes you follow the bread crumbs, like in the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale; they can lead you back — or to where you know what to do.

Sometimes you find the right people, who know how to help or fix the problem.  (Knowing a good plumber or carpenter when you need one is a really big blessing in life, I tell you!)  The neat thing about that is, the professionals have the right tools — and know how to use them to fix the problems at which they are expert.

Sometimes you want to do it yourself.  That works quite a bit better these days when budgets and cash flow are an issue.

But you know something?  I am NOT gonna fix my car by myself — even if I have the best manual in the world.  Lots of reasons why — but the short version is that I am not qualified nor able; and the car is still under warranty for the major parts.  It’s best left to the experts now — who, admittedly, are themselves having issues trying to discover what’s wrong so they can fix it.  All the more reason to leave it to those who know how!

And that brings me back to the topic at hand.  What is the right tool for what you need?  Do you know?  This topic really does need a better context, so here it is:

Your Life

What are the right tools to get you from where you are now — to where you want to be?  I don’t know your life circumstances.  I don’t know your dreams.  I don’t know your specific problems and pains.

But I know this.  It’s been a rough year for just about everyone I know.  Things are changing almost faster than anyone can keep track of — which makes it even more challenging to make decisions.

There is a lot of anxiety and fear out there.  And there is also a lot of hope — for your idea to work.  For your situation to improve.  For your problems to get fixed.  The “how” of it all is, for most people, a giant puzzle — which you either approach with a whole lot of trepidation or a big dose of courage and effort.

Before I go into the next piece of this discussion, I just want to point something out.  Something that might be obvious, if you were to take a step back and just look at it yourself.   (Like I said, Life is moving so fast these days most people don’t do that.  And that can cost you.)

Here’s what you might see if you looked, though.  You might see that we really are all going through these things together.  It’s not just “those people” over there.  It’s not just your town or state.  It’s not even nust your country, for goodness sake!  We.  Are. All. In. This. Together.  Period.

So what does that mean?  Why does it matter?

I can’t tell you all the meanings possible, because I am looking only from the place I stand — and everyone else is looking from the place they stand.  So in part, it means that no one person has “the” answer — but that together we probably do.  The answers we want and long to see develop are probably ones that take collective, group mind.  Yes, in a world that appears to be very polarized and divided.  Tall order, that!  (And I’m not talking Starbucks either. . . )

Another thing it means, I believe, is that we need to ask for help with the bits and pieces outside of our area of knowledge and experience.  We need to enlist the aid of others who know more than we do about specific areas.  They are there, for sure.

And that — in a nutshell — gets to the point of this article.  The right tools are there.  The right help is there.  You just have to know to look for it — and then to grab it when it shows up or when you find it.  The nice thing I see, too, in all of this, is that The Universe is doing what I call a Cosmic Coincidence Overdrive here — it’s putting appropriate people, events, and things within your reach — pretty much at the time you need them.

Think about the last few months of your life.  Hasn’t that been true for you?  Haven’t the right people shown up when you needed them most?  Hasn’t the really perfect things come into your experience?  (OK, maybe that flat tire wasn’t so perfect — but hey, the kind stranger who offered you help when he saw you might need it?  THAT was perfect!)

This whole article leads to something I’m offering for the first time outside my private coaching client circle — a comprehensive year-end review, tailored just to YOUR life — to give you a deep perspective on what went right for you this year, on where you are being most challenged (and why), and on where you are being called to grow and develop yourself.   This is such an important tool, because it gives you confidence and orientation about where your real power is, and how you can move ahead from here armed with the deep knowledge of your growing edges and triumphs.

You can get the year-end review by itself — or you can get a thorough preparatory session to get you ready for one of the most transformative years of your life: 2012.   You can even get them both together, if that feels like a more complete thing to you.  And. . . for those of you who take advantage of the 2012 prep session before the end of the year, there is an insane offer for a monthly, custom follow up that you will wish you’d taken before it’s gone.  I have NEVER done this before, so now is the time.

2012 will be here before you know it.  2011 is almost gone.  You can either go it alone — which leaves a lot of people feeling kind of scared and unprepared.  Or — you could get my help to give your soul some fuel for the journey, and make it powerful and great.

If this speaks to you — please take me up on this offer.  It isn’t made lightly.  But if it’s speaking to you I want you to have it.  Sign up now.  Slots are filling up while you wait; don’t let the last one disappear before you get in!

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