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Healed Survivors Are Tomorrow’s Leaders

Last week I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Alejandro Bratti for his show Believe in Yourself and Your Business.  It’s one of the most important messages I’ve shared in public so far, and I hope it speaks to you or someone you love.

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Healed Survivors Are The Leaders For Tomorrow

P.S.  I need to make a correction to something I said in this interview.  I said we’d moved 11 times before I was 27 years old; what I meant to say was that our family moved 27 times before I was 11 years old.  Big difference!  (I think I was nervous. . . good thing I had some Larch and Borage flower essences in my water!)

Oh. Here’s the link to my flower essence page:  Dances With Flowers

And here’s the link for my upcoming Mini-Masterclass in April, that we mentioned at the end of the show.  You are welcome to share the link:

Riding The Comet of Transformation

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