How’s it going this week? If you have a second, I’d love to share a little more about who I am and what I do. Think of this as me opening up about my journey and passion.

As you probably already know, I’m the founder of The Soul Path Academy and I’ve come to be known as The Soul Mechanic.

Why that name? Because my work is all about fine-tuning the soul to align with its true self. This journey has been incredibly rewarding, and I’d love to share why it matters so much to me.

It’s something that comes so naturally to me, I don’t even realize I’m doing it. My clients call it “The thing I do” – because it’s hard to explain. It’s very experiential.

So why does it matter? Because it appears there aren’t a lot of Soul Mechanics around. Not enough people are available to do be both witness and midwife to the transformation it takes to be completely who you are, who your soul means for you to be and to become.

That’s the work I do. It feels so good to know I can help in ways others don’t (or can’t)!

Who do I help? Well, it’s a mix of amazing people. Some feel like they’ve lost the plot of their lives, others have powerful dreams hidden away because they’re too daunting to tackle, and some feel disconnected from their purpose or Source.

Each person’s journey is unique, but the core of my work remains the same: tune up the soul, so it’s aligned with your own truth, your own purpose, your own meaning. I’m both a guide and a mechanic for the soul, ensuring everything runs smoothly and powerfully.

Why do I love this work? Because seeing someone light up with newfound clarity and purpose is truly magical. It’s incredibly fulfilling to witness their growth and transformation, knowing I’ve played a part in helping them become the person they were always meant to be.

If you ever feel like exploring this kind of journey or know someone who might benefit, I’d love to connect. This is about sharing a passion and opening doors to transformative conversations.

Let’s start some of those conversations today!  Book a call with me or join my Substack channel Soul Mastery Dispatch:  Nurturing the Spirit of Change.

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