What I’ve observed over several decades of contemplation is that the opposite of war isn’t peace.  It’s collaborative productivity and creative purpose. What I know about that, further, is that the opposite of war feels really, really good.

While the world holds its breath, watching events unfold in Ukraine, the energy of creative purpose and collaborative productivity is strong.  War cannot defeat its power nor destroy it.


Sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine

It’s interesting to me that the flower essence made from sunflowers is sacred masculinity — free from toxic degradation or confusion.  It’s joyful manifestation.  When I’m making a flower essence blend for a customer who’s trying to put more positive energy into a project, this flower is often in the mix.

The country of Ukraine, its people, and its energy is strong — like its national flower.  It’s beautiful and enduring, despite what is being thrown at it.  Ukraine will survive despite the attacks and attempts to unlawfully take it over.

I’m holding this image in my heart as I stand in solidarity with Ukraine and its people.  May the energy of war fall away as easily as the spring breeze renews the earth ~ in Ukraine and in every area of conflict around the planet.

And may all people know true peace and real healing.

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