A friend of mine who went through the Action Studio with me — Miki DeVivo — has launched her new program.  I am proud to help her get the word out, because it’s so darned gorgeous!

Miki is a photographer, a devoted Mom, and this is her first big product launch.  I and the other Action Studio team members have watched as Miki (and all of us, really, sweat bullets and buckets of tears and old ideas and shed pounds of frustration in breakthrough after breakthrough — until all that was left was the truth.  The core of our soul.  In a solid product that authentically represents our best.

Miki is “creating space for moms with young kids to nourish themselves and to design a life that focuses on parenting with harmony, creative flow and spiritual practice.  I”m going to be sharing my story and how I’m working with these things in my life and I’d love to hear from other moms as well.  We’re going to build a supportive and trusting community where we can discuss these concepts and share our experiences.”

If I know Miki — and I do — you will be in for a treat.  Miki is kind of shy.  She doesn’t toot her own horn very loudly.   But her friends can!  I hope that if you are a mom with young kids — or know some who are — you will send them over to Miki’s new site right now, and get them signed up for her mailing list.

The Still Space

It’s a lovely site.  Her message is right on point:  Your Space.  Your Voice. It’s a refreshing view.  It’s the right time, if you’re a mom with young kids.

Just go.  Visit The Still Space and sign up.  Leave comments to let her know how gorgeous it is.

And if you get a chance, please tell Miki I sent you.  (I get nothing out of this but a nice warm fuzzy.  Good enough for me!)

Oh.  My product is still under wraps.  I will be saying more soon, so stay tuned 🙂  I will give you a hint, though — if you have “hit the wall” any time in the recent past, you will want this!

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