This summer so far has given us some of the most lovely flowers from our garden.  We’ve had spectacular iris, peony, and now lavender, sun drops, and roses.  With the weird weather patterns the past few years, we never know quite what the garden will do — but this year is a good year it seems 🙂

We transplanted a pink rose bush two years ago into the beds on the south side of the house, and it is quite happy there now.  Last year’s blooms were wonderful but this year. . . one of the canes gave us sixteen blooms on ONE stem!  That’s an entire bouquet of roses just on that stem alone!  Fortunately they did not all open at the same time, or the weight would have bent the stem; as it is, the wind broke a few off, which we grabbed in the nick of time and brought into the house in a tiny bud vase.

We got photos — finally here is the actual photo>>>>

Sixteen Roses from our garden. Photo by Cindy Read

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