One of my favorite hangouts is the Silver Tips Tea Room in Tarrytown.  Anupa Mueller, the owner, is a friend of mine; we met at a local business womens’ meeting some years back, and with me being a tea lover ~ and Anupa being one of the top importers of biodynamic and estate tea ~ well, we hit it off right away and have stayed friends since.  I was thrilled when she opened her Tea Room a bit more than five years ago.

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure to visit again for “lupper”  (late lunch/early supper) and enjoy some of the new teas they have on the menu — as well as peruse the abundance of new menu items as well.  My companion and I had our usual sandwiches and salad (unimaginably tasty every time we have them) and some new desserts.  Had we been in the mood, there are five new ice creams made with tea, too; perhaps next time.

I was nearly out of my favorite morning beverage:  New Vithanakande OP, so I restocked that, and tried a pot each of two new kinds of tea.  I came home with one;  Kundalay, a nice mellow tea similar to their Korakhunde (which I also adore) but without the heady strength.  I also had them make up another batch of another afternoon fave:  Makaibari 1st flush OP and Kenilworth Estate FOP.  (That blend is just awesome any time!)

It’s a real treat to enjoy truly great estate tea several times a day.  While you can sometimes find me with a tea bag in my hand, what I prefer is the “real stuff.”  None of those flavored tisanes or tame herbal teas for me (unless I’m not feeling well — then it’s another story.)  Thanks to Silver Tips I have access to some of the best tea in the world, whenever I want it.  Talk about indulgences! At least it’s a healthy one 🙂

Try as I might to keep my cupboard neat and use up the tea I already have, I just can’t resist adding great new flavors when I find them.  If you ever want a delicious cuppa tea, you can order online from an expert:  Silver Tips Tea. Anupa is always gracious and happy to answer your tea questions.  if you love tea as much as I do, you absolutely have to check Silver Tips Tea out!

Oh, and just so you’ll know, I am not an affiliate and don’t derive any compensation for recommending Silver Tips Tea.  I’m just a devoted fan and enthusiast.

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