You know, I was thinking the other day how so many of my readers and customers don’t really know what else my company does, since it’s not an “ordinary” kind of business.  So I wondered whether it might be time to share more about what we do here at Bright Wings, Inc. Also want to let all the great people over at the 30 Day Blog Challenge get to know me better.

I thought about writing “a day in the life of” kind of post, but honestly no day is like any other, so that won’t work LOL.  Instead let me just say a little bit about what we do, in a larger-picture profile about my business.

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First of all, we’re an empowerment company.  Yeah, I know that’s a cliche these days — but everything we do is geared to support and serve people who are up to something good.  .

We do that in several ways. Right now we have 12 web sites set up for the various kinds of products and services we offer, with more being built as we add new initiatives and programs.  (Yup, I’ve been pretty busy these days!)  My company has been an approved member of Green America since 1999, and we endorse the thousands of other Green America companies who are changing the world for the better and making it more sustainable.

We can break down the components of our company into three main divisions:

  • Coaching for Indigo and Star Seed kids, teens, adults and their families.  (OK. we sometimes work with entrepreneurs and healers, too, if you’re ready to have your soul coached.)  We have three or four programs right now to offer you.  I’ll explain more about that in some upcoming posts.  Or you could always ask 🙂
  • Flower essences for peopleand animals; we specialize in creating custom blends — and have an extensive repertory of more than 2500 flowers from all around the world.  If you’d like more information about flower essences, what they are and how they work, I recommend that you visit my flower essence blog Dances With Flowers and click on the New Here? and FAQ tabs.  Most of your questions will be answered there.  You will learn a lot!
  • Organic Liquid Smudge ~ a botanical way to clear your aura, your space, and dispel negativity.  (Yes, it really does clear out negativity; got any of that around lately???)  People who need feng shui tools, space clearing tools, or house blessing tools — or just like to keep their space clear — absolutely LOVE this product.  You might, too!  Oh, by the way, this makes a lovely house-warming or hostess gift, and wedding gift when you don’t know what they can use 🙂  And if you travel?  Gotta get this to remove all the stale odors and energy from your hotel room.

Now, as for our new ventures (are you tired yet???) ===>

We are going to be announcing a new program during this month, which is very exciting for us — and for you — because of its timely application for everything going on in the world these days.  Here’s a sneak preview in case you’d like to learn more while we get this rolling:  How To Partner With Nature.

During the next few days,, I’ll be talking a bit more about each of these areas in more depth, and let you in one some of the cool things some of our people are doing, too.

Oh, before I forget, I wanted to let you know what my goals are for this month (helps me stay accountable, too. . . ):

  • Gain at least 120 more twitter followers, so I can get past that 2000 follower hurdle; I’m very close now!  Wanna help?  Follow me on Twitter! Thanks for all the new followers I’ve gained already 🙂
  • Gain at least 100 new newsletter subscribers to my daily newsletter Top of the Day.  (It’s short, pithy, and motivational.)
  • Generate some buzz about our new program How To Partner With Nature — and get people interested in joining.
  • Have a bunch of fun 🙂

See why it’s hard to describe what I do?  it’s soooo much easier to say “empowerment company” than try to describe everything I just said.  If anyone has a better idea about how to do that, please let me know!  I read and respond to all comments 🙂

Oh.  I suppose I could add a fourth area:  writing and creating info products.  Most of them fall into one of the other brackets so far, though, so why complicate things, LOL?

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