Last week I launched a new mini-masterclass with the title Riding the Comet of Transformation.  It was a success (in the sense that I made it to the class with only minutes to spare, and managed to record it.)

Riding the comet of change ~ a masterclass on transformation

But we had our share of challenges, which only goes to highlight several of the points I made during the class, namely:

— Even the things we count on for our support are changing, and cannot always be reliable or work the way we think they will.

— The solutions to rapid change and chaos start with adaptability and resilience.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what was going on.

This class tested my adaptability and then some, because I discovered only 5 minutes before the call was scheduled to begin that somehow there were TWO separate links to register, and at first I was in the wrong room!

I had to absorb the shock of this information, find the correct room, and get it set up and ready for guests.  This much I did manage to accomplish (with gratitude to all that is holy.)

I’m still not sure why we ended up with multiple registrations; my hunch is that when I set it up the first time, I may have thought it didn’t “take” (even though it did) and I repeated the process, not realizing that I was creating a duplicate.

I will freely admit that I’m generally a technophobe and pretty much a klutz when it comes to electronics and all things geeky.  So this comes as no total surprise.

But it’s embarrassing and annoying when bad stuff happens.  I just chalk it up to a learning experience and admit I made a mistake.  I sincerely regret the frustration, inconvenience and delays that resulted for all affected by it.  I apologize for the kerfluffle.

Since then, I’ve been frantically working to put together ways that everyone who registered but were unable to attend (and for those who wanted to attend but couldn’t) to get access to a replay.

After some tech fumbling and second and third tries, I *think* we finally have all the pieces in place, including some bonus material I will share with everyone who already registered or who registers through this link:

Sign up here for Riding The Comet of Transformation replay and bonuses

There’s a reason that I called it a mini-masterclass, because I could easily hold an entire masterclass on EACH point I covered during the call.  (If there’s interest I just might do that.  Please let me know if you want more and I’ll work out how to get that together.)

In this mini-masterclass I covered things you absolutely need to know, in order to navigate the strange and intense energies that are creating havoc in the world — and causing untold suffering.

What you learn here WILL help you survive ~ and become effective at helping others when it’s called upon.

Don’t wait.  The world is still in peril.  But you don’t need to be!

There’s no cost, nothing for sale and it’s less than an hour long.

Listen and learn:

Sign up here for Riding The Comet of Transformation and get the replay and your bonuses.

I think the replay and other materials I’m sending will more than make up for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

I’d love it if you would share this page with others in your circle who can benefit from the information.

Together we make the world stronger and safer!  Thank you sincerely for being here.

P.S.  I’m beginning to think that patience is a third superpower; listen to the class to find out what the other ones are!

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