This week I was honored to be a guest speaker on Mary Sloane’s Inspiring Influencers Show.  My topic was Resiliency By the Seat of Your Pants.

Here’s a link to the replay of that Resiliency interview:
Inspiring Influencers Show on Resiliency


Resilience Formula

One of the resources I mentioned during the show is my new flower essence formula that helps you bounce back from whatever Life throws your way.  You can get that here:

Resilience Formula

Life Mastery requires a whole set of skills.  Resilience is one of the top ten skills for Life Mastery.  Survival of our species depends on the ability to adapt to changing circumstances — and boy are we facing a lot of them these days!  Those who survive will need this skill — and be able to teach it to others.

Right now I’m working on putting together a series of workshops and a 4-week deep dive Masterclass on developing resiliency for yourself, your family and your connections.  If you want to know about these events when they launch, I recommend getting on my email list so you’ll be notified in time to register and attend.  Sign up here (and get a free copy of my book Partner With the Power to Create Your Life.)

Join me in offering more and better ways to navigate a complex world — with more ease and delight.   I’m always creating programs and platforms to help.  Stay tuned!

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