Recent events have a lot of us reeling with shock and sorrow.  Random mass shootingsAbuses of power and failure of leadership.  Apparent coup attempts and plots against our own government by our own citizens.

I’ll admit it’s affected me, too; I’ve felt everything from grief and horror, to shock, to rage, to feeling helpless, to. . . gosh, I guess these violent events have taken me all over the place emotionally.  I am getting better at managing myself these days, but others are still having a hard time.

Given all that, here’s what I know.  (And this is important for you to know, too.)

heal your heart

Heal Your Heart

1) Feelings are not facts; they are temporary; they change. Just observe yourself during the course of any day, and you’ll notice your own shifts.  You’ll notice that your feelings change, often a LOT.

2) Within each and every person are seeds of goodness.  There is goodness inside of YOU, even if you aren’t always in touch with it.

What grows and thrives within us depends on how we feed, water and nurture the seeds. Make sure you’re giving yourself light (as in sunshine as well as inspiration), good fertilizer (feelings you allow yourself to actually feel and not stuff down or resist), and — importantly — a healthy strong body/mind/spirit that withstands the blows of life and bounces back.

(Just so you know, I’m putting together some workshops and masterclasses on resiliency, because it’s something we all need right now.  Stay tuned for that.)  Those seeds of goodness inside of you are where your power lies.

3) There are forces in this world that would like to keep people in fear and feeling helpless. Our job, collectively, is to first of all understand that we are neither pawns nor helpless.

We are intelligent beings made of Spirit — with the power to discern, to choose, and to act.  It is your responsibility — yours, mine and ours — to remember who we are. To remember our dignity as human beings.  To remember the Divine within us all.

What this means, according to how I see things, is that we might from time to time FEEL like victims.  We might FEEL helpless.  But that doesn’t mean we are.  It’s just our response to events.  And sometimes feeling like victims is how others would like us to react to events; there really are people in power who love to “feed the fears.”

Stop listening to them.  Stop allowing them space in your mind.

You’re in control of YOU.  You are the one who gets to decide what makes sense and what doesn’t.   YOU are the one who gets to decide what actions you take, and why and when.

The actions I am taking in response to recent events is to stand for truth, dignity, healing, and empowerment — for all good people.  I am pressuring my elected officials to take effective action to get automatic weapons off the streets and take them off the market.

The other action I am taking is to be more visible in social media and in public, so that I can inspire others to join me in a groundswell of change to make a difference.

There is one other thing I can do, and I’m sharing it here.  I can help you heal from the traumas of witnessing horror and violence.  As I’ve written about many times before, I am an expert in creating custom blended flower essence formulas for people and animals — to get your bio-electrical circuits reconnected in healthy ways.

I’ve got flower essence formulas that help you:

Heal your grief
Stop Feeling Like a Victim
Heal Your Broken Heart
Heal From PTSD

And, if you’d like a private consultation to get your own personal blend of flower essences that do for you precisely what you need, go here and set that up now.

If you’d like to learn more about flower essences and exactly how they work, you can find out here.

Do they work/  Heck yes!  I made and use many of these formulas myself; they are safe and effective even for newborns.  And if you are allergic to (or for other reasons don’t want) alcohol as the preservative, you can choose up to 3 other kinds instead.

To sum it all up, my message is:

Don’t fall into despair.  Take time to process your feelings.  Stay connected with people of good will, people who are doing good things.  Tune out those who want to plunge you into fear and feeling helpless.  Remember who you are.  Order flower essences if you need some help.  Heal your heart. Stay strong.  We can and WILL survive and completely transform things, so that those who are only here to destroy don’t get the power to do that.

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