Put the FUN Back In the Fundamentals

Jan 10, 2024 | Bright Wings articles, Coaching, Intentional Living, Life Mastery

Many of us are small business owners or solopreneurs.  We wear all the hats — and have to not only “cook the food but clean the dishes,” mostly by ourselves.

Some of the things that need to happen in order to run a successful enterprise are either not in our wheelhouse or not things we enjoy doing.  What’s not fun and easy. . . often gets delayed or ignored.  And that can cause trouble.  Trouble that’s easily avoided.



Here’s my take on the top 10 business fundamentals — and how to make them fun (so they get done):


  1. Clear Vision and Goals: Prioritize setting a clear, inspiring vision for your business. Tip: Turn goal-setting into a creative session. Use visual tools like vision boards or mind maps to make this process more vivid and engaging.  Make it a game, and give yourself rewards for completing it,
  2. Customer Understanding: Deeply understand who your customers are and what they need. Tip: Make customer research interactive by conducting fun surveys or organizing informal group discussions with your target audience.  Use Ai to help you research deeper elements about your target audience, and how they like being engaged.  (Many AI tools are free and easy to use.)
  3. Effective Marketing: Develop a strong marketing strategy. Tip: Approach marketing like storytelling. Create compelling narratives around your products or services that resonate with your audience.  Use actual case studies (if you have them) or your own personal experiences with your area of expertise.  What is YOUR business story?  Share it!
  4. Strong Leadership: Be a strong, effective leader. Tip: Incorporate team-building activities and leadership games that enhance your skills while fostering a fun environment.  Invite customers to tell you how they would handle various challenges or tasks that you find either daunting or routine and boring.  Hold contests, with the winners getting a discount or prize.
  5. Financial Management: Have a firm grasp on your finances. Tip: Turn financial management into a game. Set challenges for reducing expenses or increasing revenue and reward yourself or your team for meeting these challenges.  Celebrate wins, and turn mistakes into important learning events with clear outcomes for future.
  6. Operational Efficiency: Streamline your operations for efficiency. Tip: Implement productivity tools and software in a way that feels like exploring new technology, turning optimization into an adventure.  See how many ways you can automate things to save time or energy, and consider how to make use of interns or virtual assistants when it makes sense for your business.
  7. Quality Products/Services: Ensure your offerings are top-notch. Tip: Organize creative brainstorming sessions for product/service improvements, making it a collaborative and creative process.  Ask your customers regularly what they would like you to improve, and listen to what they say.  Act on as many as are practical, and show your appreciation by acknowledging them.
  8. Adaptability and Innovation: Stay adaptable and open to innovation. Tip: Hold regular ‘innovation labs’ or workshops where crazy, out-of-the-box ideas are encouraged and explored.  You can invite business partners, colleagues, or customers to these events, with meaningful incentives for producing innovation and improvements.
  9. Employee Engagement and Culture: Cultivate a positive, engaging company culture. Tip: Create a culture club or committee that organizes fun, interactive events and activities that also reinforce company values.  Make these open, inclusive and original — and offer incentives for outcomes that improve operations and relationships.
  10. Networking and Partnerships: Build strong business relationships. Tip: Treat networking like a social adventure. Attend events with the mindset of meeting interesting people and learning their stories, rather than just business contacts.  Make it a practice to learn something new from each person you meet, and have a way to follow up with people who would make great potential partners in future.

And one more tip:  if asking for help is a problem for you, remember that HELP is not a four-letter word. It’s the key to unlock things you need.  Find people who know how to do the things you hate, and find ways to get them on board.  (If funds are an issue, create the resources, barter, or do some kind of exchange.)

The Universe always finds a way to get things done, when YOU are clear about your vision.  The Universe wants you to succeed! So let it work for you.

Remember, the key to making business fundamentals enjoyable is to approach them with creativity and a spirit of exploration.  The more fun you can make your fundamentals, the faster they will get done and the sooner you’ll start enjoying even the tasks you once hated doing.

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