Visionary Alchemy: A 6-Month Journey to Soul-Led Leadership, Full Pay Option


You've already risen from the ashes; now it's time to soar with purpose!

Visionary Alchemy is a 6-month, immersive coaching experience designed for Wounded Leaders who are ready to translate their hard-earned wisdom into actionable blueprints for change.

Over the course of 24 one-on-one sessions, we'll strategize the most meaningful ways you can influence your community, business, or social causes.

You'll gain advanced leadership skills, uncover your unique Wisdom Library, and set the stage for a future where your impact reverberates through generations to come.

The focus is on action, contribution, and creating a legacy that resonates with who you are.  The world needs you!  Get ready to rock the world with what ONLY YOU can bring!

Spaces in this program are strictly limited; I'm not taking more than a handful of leaders so that I can serve each one with the very best.  Once the slots are filled, I don't know when I'll offer them again.  Get in while you can!

Sign up today for the PAY IN FULL option and get two extra one-on-one bonus sessions with me AND a price discount for making things easy for the admin team.

If you choose the monthly pay option, the total package would come to $4500.  Save $500 today and pay in full, to get a nice discount and extra bonus sessions with me!


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