Virtual VIP Day


Virtual VIP Day for any project or purpose you desire.  We’ll get you clear, organized, and into action with your customized, powerful plan.  Package includes 4 hours of Zoom calls, broken into intervals of one hour each with half an hour between; email support for 30 days if needed; one Zoom follow-up session to solidify your Action Plan; and one follow up Zoom session at 30 days to hold you accountable to your vision ~ all leading to the result you chose when you began (or something better.)

Get Clear.
Get A Plan
Unleash Your Power.


Virtual VIP Day

Virtual VIP Day

When you register, you will receive a comprehensive assessment to determine how best to use your time during your VIP Day.  We'll use this assessment to make sure we're on the same page with what you're working on, what your opportunities and challenges are, and how your growing edge can lead you into an elegant plan for success on your own terms.

We'll block out 4 hours to create a private Zoom party just for you, divided into 4 separate one-hour intervals with breaks in between to give you the opportunity to reflect, rest, and refresh your body and your mind.  This VIP Day is All About YOU!  Therefore, we'll focus our time where it will make the biggest impact on what you want to achieve, become, or complete.

Based on the assignments you'll be given during your VIP Day (which will emerge organically from the material you'll be working on) you'll come away with a customized Action Plan.  You'll schedule a follow-up Zoom call to discuss any changes or edits that might be needed, and to ask any follow up questions from your VIP Day.  Together we will finalize your customized Action Plan to ensure that you have everything you need to rock your world.  You'll schedule a final Zoom call in 30 days to make sure you've taken the actions we agreed, and that you've made all the progress you intended.

This comes to a total of six meaningful hours together during your VIP Day and my dedicated support over the next 30 days, focused entirely on YOUR vision, dreams and goals ~ with the result you wanted when you began.


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