Victim No More


Stop the cycle. Learn to stand up for yourself and refuse to allow anyone to intimidate you again. This formula gives you the courage to stand in your own truth and be strong no matter what “they” throw at you.

Refuse to be intimidated, by anyone or anything.  For those who have been wounded by domestic violence, childhood abuse, or narcissistic victimization, this formula offers you strength, peace, courage, and the power to notice warning signs in time to take effective action, and to know how to keep yourself safe.

Victim No More flower essence formula works with your bio-electrical system to gently establish new patterns of empowerment and opportunity, self- confidence and assertion where there has been a sense of powerlessness and hopelessness due to intimidation, bullying or narcissistic abuse.

It also offers you patterns to learn how to trust people again, even if you have to make them earn that trust (which isn't necessarily a bad thing.)  Know who you can trust and why, but more than that ~ know that you can trust yourself, and that your own truth matters before anything else.

People who have suffered abuse or trauma will benefit from having this formula, as people who have been betrayed in profound ways often feel challenged to rise above their experiences.  The old patterns can hold you back unless you actively work on them and decide that this (the old way/suffering) is not for you.

And you can do that any time you want.  Victim No More helps you make better choices, realize that you DO have choices (even when others try to make you think you don't) and that you are capable of conducting your life free from the influence or destructive tendencies of any of your relationships, past or current.

If you need help healing from issues of abuse, please seek the services of a professional skilled in working with people in recovery from abuse.  This is a specialized area of therapy and it pays to find someone with whom you are comfortable and can trust.  Having a capable and trustworthy ally can be a lifesaving support, while the flowers lead you to instinctively know what will be most healing for you.

If you are still in a destructive or abusive relationship Victim No More formula can help you make the choice to leave and start a new life, if that is what you need.  Or it can help you stand up to the bullies in your life, if that is what you really want.

The point is:  you do NOT have to be a victim (or feel like one.) Ever.  If it has become a problem for you -- if you're tired of feeling like a doormat -- then maybe you'd like to try another way.  Victim No More can change your life for the better.  It helps you realize exactly what to change, and how -- to be free from the patterns of victimization at last.

If you have suffered PTSD from previous abuse of any kind, Victim No More will make a handy adjunct therapy for your healing, too.


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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz


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