Stress Busters Flower Essences


This formula is like a stress-seeking missile and just busts up and removes whatever is keeping you from feeling as calm and centered as you’d like to feel, regardless of what chaos is going on around you.

When it's all too much, Stress Busters Formula is the one you call on to take the pressure off and chill.  With so much stimulation all around from so many sources, and so many demands for your attention and time, it's no wonder if you are among the millions who could use some effective relief from stress.

Before you turn to pharmaceuticals (that can have many undesired side effects including addictions) wouldn't you like to try something both natural and effective for stress relief?

The Stress Busters Formula was created just for people who feel overwhelmed, bewildered, and overloaded.  It may not help you with your schedule (although it may help you focus enough to figure out how to make it more efficient) -- but it sure can help you with this:

-- triage your life, so you can sort through everything that's going on, to figure out what's critical and what can wait
-- feel confident that you can handle it all, in your own way and time
-- relax and feel more calm and sure of yourself and the situation

One of our friends who is in a high-stress leadership position swears by this formula.  She took me aside recently, in the midst of some extremely complicated events, to tell me that she had just taken another dose of Stress Busters, and she said "I feel soooooo calm!  Thank you!  I don't know what I'd do without this formula."

Even if you can't "make it all go away" you may not need to.  Get yourself some Stress Busters to help you cope -- and reach for it next time you're on overload.


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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz


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