Stop Spraying


To change behaviors of urinary incontinence or issues with marking territory, for males or females, in cats or dogs.

Stop Spraying flower essence formula addresses the reasons why an animal is marking their territory or inappropriately spraying where you don't want it.
For animals, marking their territory with urine is normal and natural; they don't understand why it's not acceptable to you.

Flower essences can help change behaviors and teach them where it's acceptable to urinate -- and why they are safe within their own areas.  Basically, the formula addresses both the physical and behavioral issues of spraying or marking.  In come cases, your cat or dog may be suffering from hypothyroidism, which is a condition that is treatable and for which flower essences are only part of the solution; they will also need veterinary care for their treatment.

Natural remedies can do a lot -- but they should be used in conjunction with traditional veterinary care when necessary and often under the supervision of your vet.

First have your dog or cat thoroughly checked out by your veterinarian to find out if there is a medical issue, and if there is, make sure it's treated for that.

Whether or not there is a physical cause behind the behavior, you can still use flower essences to help.  In the case of hypothyroidism you will administer the flower essences to help restore the natural healthy patterns to the animal's bio-electrical system, in conjunction with treating the physical components that require medication.

If no medical condition is present, then the Stop Spraying formula helps the animal to learn appropriate boundaries and behaviors.  We do recommend that you:

-- reinforce clearly what is expected of your pet and use positive reinforcement techniques such as clicker training
-- keep their schedules consistent
-- keep their "potty places" clean at all times

While spraying is a serious problem for some people, it has easy solutions -- whether medical intervention is needed or not.  Look to the flowers to get it under control quickly.

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