Star Struts


For reluctant show animals; brings out the star quality in them!  Supports balanced self expression for animals in or out of shows and performance;  helps shy and retiring animals blossom and very assertive animals find appropriate poise and restraint.  Let them be at their very best when it counts.

Star Struts flower essence formula is a proven winner -- and makes a winner out of your top dog (or cat, horse, or rabbit.)

When you want your dog, cat, horse or rabbit to concentrate and focus on YOU in the ring (whether for performance or conformation) -- not on the other animals or handler or what is happening in the next ring -- and show or perform at their very best -- help is here.

For more than two decades we've been supporting show dogs, cats, horses (and hey, some handlers too!) to gain confidence and poise for their time in the spotlight.

Here are some of the ways the Star Struts formula helps:

-- When you want your dog/cat/horse to stop fidgeting and be calm and confident, poised with all attention on what you want, not at all concerned with anything else around them.  (Need we mention females in season here?  Yes, it even works for stud dogs who are distracted with mating pheromones.)

-- When you want him/her to know that s/he is a beautiful animal and "has what it takes" -- gaiting smoothly and confidently when it's time to move, strutting his or her stuff eagerly and proudly.  And in the performance ring for performance events?  Moving through even the most challenging routines like a pro.

-- When your "pick of litter" is a bit shy and hesitant to get out there in the spotlight, Star Struts offers the right energy and inner confidence to go out and shine.

-- When the sounds and smells and commotion are distractions your show boy or girl finds overwhelming, particularly if it's the first time out or an unfamiliar venue.  The Star Struts formula allows your dog/cat/horse/rabbit to process the information in ways that are comfortable and to transform overwhelm to confidence.

This flower essence formula will give you the edge of focus, concentration, confidence and eager show ring performance that you are looking for.  Try it today on your young show prospects and watch them blossom into the stars they really deserve to be.

P.S.  This is an excellent formula for people with "stage fright" too!  Help them take the stage fearlessly -- and rock their lines to perfection.


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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz


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