Soul Mastery Special Introductory Offer


Limited Time Introductory Offer:

What Is Your Soul Type Assessment and Composite Report, Unlocking the Mysteries of Your Soul’s Code Email Course, Soul Alignment Series 4-week Interactive Workshop, and 6-month Soul Path Academy Accelerator Program, all for only $299 until March 31, 2024.  (Price goes up to $497 on April 1st — no joke!)

Unlock Your Soul's True Calling: Discover Clarity, Purpose, and Meaning

Exclusive Invitation: Transform Your Life with Our Introductory Soul Mastery Journey — Limited Spots Available


Welcome to a pivotal moment in your journey of self-discovery and transformation. The Soul Path Academy is honored to guide you through an unparalleled exploration of your soul's deepest desires and your life's true calling. If you've ever wondered, "Why am I here?" or "What am I meant to do?", you're in the right place.

What's Included:

-- What Is Your Soul Type? Assessment and Comprehensive Report (Complimentary)
Begin your journey with our revealing assessment to uncover your unique soul type and the path it suggests for you.

-- Unlocking the Mysteries of Your Soul's Code Email Course (Complimentary)
Dive deeper into understanding your soul's purpose through our engaging email course, designed to answer the pressing questions of your existence.

-- 4-Week Soul Alignment Workshop ($299 Value)
Participate in a transformative workshop that delivers clarity and alignment with your true calling according to your unique composite Soul Type, ensuring every decision moves you closer to your purpose.

-- 6-Month Soul Path Mastery Accelerator Program ($2799 Value)
Enter a comprehensive 6-month program that accelerates your journey towards spiritual enlightenment and mastery, fostering a profound connection with your true self.

What You Get From This Package
Your answers to life's most profound questions: "Why am I here? What am I meant to do and become?" Through our carefully curated programs, gain clarity and alignment with your true calling, purpose, and mission.

This unique journey guides your transformation, empowering you to make better decisions, feel more connected, and bring more meaning to your life.

How The Introductory Soul Path Mastery Program Helps You
Struggling with uncertainty about your path in life can leave you feeling disconnected and unfulfilled. Our Introduction to Soul Mastery Journey addresses these challenges head-on, offering solutions to help you discover why you are here, what you are meant to do, and how you can live a life filled with purpose and meaning.

Special Launch Offer: Get the entire bundle for just $299.

This offer is available until midnight, March 31st, or until 10 spots are filled — whichever comes first. After that, the price goes up to $497.

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Reserve your spot now and unlock the clarity and purpose you've been seeking. Spots are limited, and availability is based on a first-come, first-served basis.


Why such a low price?  The value of this special offer is $5,494.  We have a reason for offering it at such a low price, for a limited time only:  We want your feedback, to make this the best package it can be!  What we learn from you and your experience will help to shape the content and presentation for countless other students.

How is the package delivered?
What Is Your Soul Type? Assessment is ready for you now!  Link will be included in your purchase confirmation.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Your Soul's Code is an email course delivered over 10 days.  The link for this course will be included in your purchase confirmation.

The Soul Alignment Series is due for release on April 15, 2024.  It will include 4 live calls, interactive experiences, weekly homework assignments, and accountability features.  Schedules and further details for the series will be released before April 15th.

The Soul Path Mastery Accelerator Program is due to begin on April 30th, 2024.  Schedules and details about the 6-month training will be released just before April 30th.

You can expect a survey about what content in each of the longer programs will be most useful for you, so that we can custom tailor both of them to meet your top priorities.

Soul Mastery is a lifelong process.  Our tools and programs are designed to assist you with some of the missing pieces, so that you can make sense out of how you experience life, how your patterns can change and evolve with you, and how you can improve your experiences, your relationships, and your outcomes.

Our programs give you the start you need, to succeed -- and we'll be growing alongside you as you go.

This introductory offer is time-limited and will expire once we reach 10 new members, or March 31, 2024 (whichever comes first.)

NEWS FLASH!  We're holding the offer open a few more days, for an Easter Bunny 2nd chance!



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