Skyward Leadership: Charting Your Flight Path for World-Changing Impact (Monthly)


This 3-month coaching journey is not about rising from the ashes; you've already done that.  Skyward Leadership is about choosing your destination, setting your course, and taking to the skies.  You're already a Phoenix; this is your flight school for world-changing impact.

Tailored one-on-one sessions will help you clarify your mission, articulate your wisdom, and develop a leadership style that not only reflects your unique gifts but also serves the collective.   Your flight plan is going to be uniquely yours:  YOUR voice, YOUR vision, YOUR way.

The focus is on action, contribution, and creating a legacy that resonates with who you are.  The world needs you!  Get ready to rock the world with what ONLY YOU can bring!

Spaces in this program are strictly limited; I'm not taking more than a handful of leaders so that I can serve each one with the very best.  Once the slots are filled, I don't know when I'll offer them again.  Get in while you can!

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[Oh and if you choose to pay in full:  you get an extra one-on-one with me AND a price discount for making things easy for the admin team. (Of course, it's perfectly fine to pay monthly, too; just want to reward you when you pay in full.  That really does make it easy to simply focus on the work.)]




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