Sacred Masculine Formula


He is confidence without arrogance; thinking rationally without a need to control; holds honor without a desire for war. He provides stability, strength, and courage in an ever-shifting world. This energy is badly needed in a toxic, polarized world. Find yours with this formula.

The culture where you are raised determines to a large extent how you feel about your gender.  If you are male, in most cultures, you are advantaged to be respected -- but it comes with a price.  The expectations placed upon males is likely to limit your full potential, even though it confers benefits in terms of assumed power (depending on your race, religion, etc.)

In recent years the world has seen all too clearly the results of toxic masculinity:  the use of force for personal gain, anger and rage directed indiscriminately; self-serving behavior at great cost to community; wasting precious resources; and more.

Because many men, boys and parents are genuinely seeking better ways, we turn to the flowers to help us remember what the sacred masculine energy is all about:

-- forming healthy boundaries and creating safe space
-- confidence without ego
-- objectivity; the ability to see the whole picture
-- action-oriented; knowing what to do and when to do it in right action
-- discipline; the ability to forego selfish pleasures for the benefit of a greater good or worthy goal
-- logic and reason; the ability to think things through
-- strength and endurance, that provides stability
-- loyalty to higher ideals
-- maturity vs childish behavior

In a perfect world, if you are born male, you would be supported in developing all these positive traits, and discouraged from toxic ones.  Sadly we know this is not the case, which leaves it to parents, families, and individuals to aspire to reach for the ideal themselves.

Now you have a powerful support in this effort: Sacred Masculine Flower Essences.  The flowers contain all the patterns you need, to develop and sustain all the sacred masculine characteristics you desire.  Let them lead you where you want to go.

This is a wonderful formula to introduce to young boys and teens as they grow, to help them generate the positive energies they will need when they become men in a world that very desperately needs them.

It is also useful for any man who has emotional wounds to heal; this formula supports a return to a wholesome, stable masculine pattern -- and helps you let go of anything blocking that.

It's worth mentioning in these gender-fluid times that we all have both masculine and feminine energies within; if you are a person wanting to balance your male/female energies (which is something we all must do ultimately, without losing our primary characteristics) -- taking both Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine formulas will be of great help in doing so.


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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz


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