Sacred Feminine Formula


Inclusive. Collaborative. Receptive. Creative.Nurturing.  Powerful. Earthy yet spiritual. This is the energy of the Sacred Feminine. Find your own in this formula.

The culture where you are raised determines to a large extent how you feel about your gender.  If you are female, in most cultures, your experience of what it means to be a girl or woman depends on not only how your parents and family treated you but also how your community viewed females.

In a perfect world, your experience would be wholesome and happy.  Sadly, we don't have that kind of world yet.  Many girls and women did not get to experience being female in a joyous, powerful way.

Around the world, girls and women are too often told that they are of less value than men and boys;  they are not given nor expected to hold power of any kind.  The expectations placed upon girls and women are that they are to be subservient to men.  If you add race and religion into this mix, it gets worse.

It's no wonder that many women and girls suffer from lack of self esteem, depression, and despair, given the cultural expectations and lack of support (and respect!) for their true nature.

When we look at a list of Sacred Feminine qualities, it is easy to notice how few are honestly valued in many cultures; yet women and girls all over the world know and embody these traits:

-- intuitive and trusting of her intuition
-- heart-centered; soft and tender
-- compassionate/nurturing
-- creative
-- wise; grounded with strong boundaries
-- collaborative; instinctual knowing about what makes a community healthy
-- reflective; considerate
-- fierce in protecting family and those closest to her

The expectations placed upon females in most cultures is likely to be limited and conditional.  Women and girls are put into positions of lesser power.  To this day, see how few women there are in positions of real power, let alone earning power.
(Thankfully they do exist and serve as powerful role models for aspiring women and girls.)

Balance the current scarcity of role models for the Sacred Feminine, with the increase of toxic masculinity in the world, and we can easily see how hard it is for most women and girls to overcome their cultural confines and become all that they can be.  It's encouraging to watch young girls and teens breaking out of the mold to pursue and excel in non-traditional careers, and to observe many achieve well-deserved success.

The flowers are here to help women and girls develop and perfect all the traits of the Sacred Feminine.  The flowers contain all the patterns you need, to develop and sustain all the sacred feminine characteristics you desire.  Let them lead you where you want to go.

This is a wonderful formula to introduce to young girls and teens as they grow, to help them generate the positive energies they will need when they become women in a world that very desperately needs them.

It is also useful for any woman who has emotional wounds to heal (as quite a number of women do); this formula supports a return to a wholesome, stable feminine pattern -- and helps you let go of anything blocking that.

It's worth mentioning in these gender-fluid times that we all have both masculine and feminine energies within; if you are a person wanting to balance your male/female energies (which is something we all must do ultimately, without losing our primary characteristics) -- taking both Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine formulas will be of great help in doing so.

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