Rescued Animal Relief


Rescued Animal Flower Essence formula often makes the difference when an animal finds a new home. All the issues are covered, from grief and loss to new beginnings.

Rescued Animal Relief is the formula that can make all the difference to an animal for its successful new life in a loving home.  Failure to adjust is the number one reason why rescued animals are returned to the shelter (or, sadly, euthanized.)  That's why this formula is so important.

When an animal has been rescued from a shelter or a breed rescue organization, it's not always possible to learn what their previous experience has been with humans.  (This is especially true when an animal comes from a puppy or kitty mill, and we have a separate special formula for that:  Puppy/Kitty Mill Rescue.)

For instance, we may not know if they were a pet in a good home, where they were sheltered and trained well, or if they were chained out in a yard and given food and water only when someone remembered to do it.  Have they been abandoned or mistreated?  Did their previous owner lose their home and had to let their pet go?

Often the only way to tell is by watching the animal's behavior.  Does it seem frightened and timid?  Eager and connected?  Angry or hostile?  How it acts towards humans now, gives some indication of the nature of its previous experiences, whether they were known specifically or not.

Any animal that is being adopted into a new home and environment will need to go through a period of adjustment.  What are the "house rules"?  Who lives there already?  Are there other animals or kids?  What will be expected -- and hoped -- of this new animal?

All these issues are going to be much easier to navigate if you have some help. That's where flower essences come in:  Rescued Animal Relief!

The Rescued Animal Relief formula helps your newly adopted animal with the following issues:

-- clear any previous abuse or neglect
-- be able to trust humans who intend it no harm
-- accept your attention and love with gratitude and grace
-- make peace with the past, so that it can do its best to comply with your wishes
-- integrate peacefully if there are other animals in the household; work out "pack relationships" peaceably|

This formula will go a long way towards making your newly adopted pet part of a well-balanced and loving household, rather than a new member of a chaotic zoo.

This formula, while created for pets, will also be effective for adopted children; after all, people are animals too.

Give your rescued animals -- and adopted children -- the extra support they need to be able to join your family 100%.

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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz


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