Receiving Kindness At Last


For rescued animals who may have almost given up on anyone loving them and don’t know how to receive love when it’s given.  This formula opens the door for them.

This formula was first used (with great success) on a dog that had been badly abused, and was terrified of human touch and presence.  The new owner noticed an immediate change, as the dog began to relax and gradually welcome the loving attention he so badly needed.   Eventually he became a goofy big lap-dog wannabe.  Mission complete.

Since then, many more dogs (and a few cats) have been given new chances at a happy life.  If your rescued animal doesn't seem open to receiving the affection and attention you know it needs, try this.

A word of caution for those with small children:  even though the kids mean well, parents should always monitor their interactions to make sure nothing they do scares the dog or cat.  Sudden movements or ways of touching can be either scary or threatening; teach your children how to approach and interact with a pet that is still learning that humans can be trusted.

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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz


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