PTSD Relief


Heal post traumatic stress naturally. Relieve the panic attacks, isolation, depression, and help soften the stressors that trigger you. Let the flowers lead you to a better way to live.

The PTSD Relief Formula was first used with survivors of the Rwandan massacre, with excellent results.  Men and women whose various body parts had been severed during the massacre, and who witnessed unspeakable horrors, were so traumatized they could not function. Most of them could only stare at walls and had lost interest in ordinary activities; they were losing the will to live.

When they were offered these flower essences, in a fairly short period of time they began to engage with others, started doing normal activities, and eventually became productive again.  The scars will be permanent, but the healing from their trauma will save them from the terrors of reliving their experience over and over.

Their lives are back on track, which is a blessing to a degree no one ever expected.  To anyone observing the despair and suffering of these survivors, it was nothing short of a miracle.

PTSD is a serious affliction. But it can be successfully treated, especially with the support of people who understand the dynamics -- and now this formula is here to speed recovery and successful management of PTSD symptoms.

Hope is truly here, for you (if you suffer from PTSD) or a loved one who does.

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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz


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