Prosperity Package


All 4 flower essences in the Prosperity Collection: Quantum Prosperity, Manifestor Formula, Clear Away Clutter, and Gratitude Formula ~ a powerhouse for creating all the prosperity and abundance you desire.

What does it mean to prosper?  Some people say It's an abundance of resources.  I'm sure that's part of it -- but there's more.

One can have an abundance of other things too; to me, to prosper is to thrive.  And that means you can have everything in Life working for you, feeling -- and knowing -- that it's all good.

When you're working on generating prosperity, many issues surface that need to be cleared -- fear, overwhelm, grasping and attachments, and lack of generosity.
With this complete package, all the issues that stand in the way of manifesting prosperity are addressed.

Depending on which particular issues are most problematic for you, you can take one at a time or all 4 together.

No matter which order you choose, the complete set will take care of everything that's been in the way for you, and to get clear about what you need to change or adopt in order to become as prosperous as you want.

A word of common sense here:  yes, you still need to take actions that lead to success.  You can't just take the drops and sit back and wait for a "fairy godmother" to come along and hand you a winning lottery ticket!  The flower essences will guide you to WHICH steps to take, and how to attract the people and ideas you need -- that lead you straight to your own prosperous life.

They absolutely will help you work through ALL your inner issues about money, that are not serving you to develop a prosperous and happy life.  AND you must be prepared to act on what you learn.  It won't just "fall into your lap" without you taking steps to make it happen.

I will also highly recommend that you explore some further resources here, that will help you establish a new relationship with abundance, prosperity, resources of all kinds and yes, money.  The flower essences will be your allies on your journey.

May your journey be blessed with an abundance of every good thing!

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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz


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