Post-COVID Survivor Support & Long-Haul Recovery


This formula supports recovery from COVID-19 and its long haul effects. It is not a preventative, but a recovery formula.

This formula supports recovery from COVID-19 and its long haul effects.

NOTE:  This formula DOES NOT prevent COVID-19 or any of its symptoms; it will, however, help you recover from it once you've become ill.

While vaccinations appear to be the primary method to prevent severe illness and death from COVID-19, there are a number of ways to heal from the disease if you happen to become ill, whether you've been previously vaccinated or whether you have a breakthrough infection.

The flowers have provided robust support for our bio-electrical systems as we recover from the virus and its long term effects, including any potential side effects from the vaccine (which we find so far very few.)

Here is a list of potential symptoms from long-haul COVID-19 for which this formula provides relief (through support and repair of the affected bio-electrical circuits):

-- Foggy brain and/or short-term memory loss
-- Low energy and fatigue
-- Shortness of breath, trouble breathing
-- Headache
-- Sleep disorders
-- Anxiety
-- Depression
-- Digestive disorders, including diarrhea
-- Heart issues
-- Neurological issues, including tingling and joint pain

So far the flowers have not shown us specific focus on the loss of smell or taste, but what we see is that as the underlying circuits are repaired and supported, gradually the affected senses also gradually return to normal function.

If and when new flowers are discovered that address these sensory dysfunctions from COVID-19, we will definitely add them and announce the changes.

Meanwhile the flowers we have are doing an important and efficient job to support your entire system recover from the effects of COVID-19 and return to full health as quickly as possible.

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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz


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