Pest Away


Energetic support for keeping pests  away from your animals, making them less attractive to ticks, flies and other insect predators. Best used in conjunction with additional pet-friendly topical treatments.

Pest Away gives your animal friends the energetic field they need to repel ticks, fleas and flies that can do serious damage to your dog or cat, because they can carry serious diseases, most of which are very hard to treat.

You must be vigilant -- and smart -- during flea and tick season, because the pests are sneaky and know how to evade detection.  The best approach is prevention -- in your pet's living areas and on their skin, but with our new Pest Away flower essence formula, you can give them an added layer of protection they can't get any other way for their bio-electrical system.

We do also recommend using natural products like essential oils of neem, garlic and chrysanthemum to spray on their bedding (and a dilute solution of it for their fur) to repel pests.  (DO NOT administer essential oils in their food or water; some of it can be toxic!)

A tip about using flower essences:  add a few drops to their baths and any natural sprays you are using for their bedding.  This will boost the effectiveness of the topical applications you're using to repel pests.

If you're looking for products from companies that operate under strict green and eco-friendly policies and practices (which I highly recommend you do) look for members of Green America; you can't go wrong with any of them.

Meanwhile, start adding Pest Away to your regimen as soon as flea and tick season begins, so you are ahead of the game and give your animals the protection they need to stay healthy.

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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz


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