Panic Relief


For panic attacks, fear of loud noises, thunderstorms, etc.  Immediate relief for panic attacks from loud noises, thunderstorms, fireworks, anything that startles or panics them.  Calm them naturally without needing to resort to drugs or confinement (which doesn’t solve the underlying issues.)

The Panic Relief formula helps stop panic attacks triggered by sudden loud sounds such as firecrackers or thunderstorms.

Loud noises don't seem to bother some animals but for others it can be a nightmare.  If your pet is spooked by loud noises you might feel helpless when your reassurance alone doesn't seem to help.  It's because they are having a panic attack, and they need more than just calming touch and kind words to get them feeling safe.

Panic Relief helps your animal instantly feel secure and safe.  The patterns help them:

-- understand that there is no need to flee in terror from the sound
-- understand that they are safe and can stay safe
-- calm their auto-reactive system so that it does not go into "adrenal overdrive"
-- turn off the "red alert" button inside so that things can calm down

Ace Promazine is a drug that is most often prescribed for panic attacks, but it has side effects that are pretty harsh.  Many people want something more natural -- and Panic Relief is the most effective one we know.  Our clients are often astonished at how much better their pets do with it than with any medication -- and they are so pleased there are no side effects whatsoever.

The 4th of July and New Years Eve (and the days just before and after) are often times of distress for animals who react with panic to loud noises.  The sudden loud noises can produce panic attacks in even the most ordinarily calm pet.  Instead of administering medication, use Panic Relief.

The Panic Relief formula is usually given several times a day on the days leading up to, during and after holidays or events like 4th of July when you know there will be fireworks, which can send your critters diving under the bed to cower in terror.  Instead of letting them suffer, get their systems settled down with Panic Relief.

Panic Relief works for animals who react to thunderstorms, too.  In fact, Panic Relief works for anything your pets are scared of -- to help them feel safe despite the noises they don't like.

We used to jokingly call the table at the end of the room the "bomb shelter" for our dog who would go there the minute it started to thunder outside.  Once we gave her the Panic Relief formula, she was fine.

Animals have been known to break windows and flee through open doors in terror during fireworks or thunderstorms, sometimes to end up lost or killed when they run into traffic in blind panic.  You can absolutely prevent these tragedies!

If you know in advance that a storm is coming, start giving your pets the Panic Relief formula several times a day before, during, and after (if needed).  If you start the flower essences BEFORE the noises start, there's a good chance they will never even get upset at all.  What a relief for everyone!

If you have a pet that is freaked out by loud noises, get Panic Relief and help them have a MUCH better experience with a lot less stress.  You will all feel a great deal better.

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