Organic White Sage Spray


White Sage is one of the first herbs used to clear energy and remove negativity from your aura and your spaces. It is used to “smudge” rooms and is often used in ceremony and for clearing energy because of its sharp, penetrating power to cut through energy blocks and to clear negativity and “heavy” energy from your aura or your spaces.

Use our Organic White Sage Spray anywhere you want clean, clear energy ~ and the fragrance of fresh, clean air to purify your space. Cut through the dull, stale energy around you and purify your space.

Every batch is infused with Reiki energy and prayers for health, peace, and kindness.

Organic White Sage Spray

Organic White Sage harvested sustainably in a sacred way, now in convenient spray bottle sizes.

Contents: Organic and Wild-crafted White Sage; organic coconut emulsifier; organic non-GMO alcohol; water.

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15 ml, 30 ml/1 oz, 5 ml, 60 ml/2 oz


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