Organic Liquid Smudge Without White Sage


Our new Organic Liquid Smudge Without White Sage is a perfect blend of organic essential oils, organic hydrosols, flower essences, and 100% organic non-GMO alcohol, brought together using sacred techniques and Reiki blessings, The ingredients are all certified organic and/or wildcrafted in sustainable ways from trusted sources.

Organic Liquid Smudge Without White Sage

Because some individuals are allergic to white sage, we offer our Organic Liquid Smudge in a version free of White Sage. 

Organic non-GMO Alcohol

We offer a range of sizes, at affordable price points for both retail and wholesale.

Nowhere else can you get the sacred herbs blended in a powerful, yet gentle formula for clearing your aura, your spaces, preparing for ceremony or healing work, and for use in the home or office to promote healthy energy and contentment.

Try some Organic Liquid Smudge Without White Sage today and discover for yourself the combined power of essential oils, flower essences, and Reiki blessings, all in one.

This version clears as well as the previous one, but it’s prepared differently. The ingredients shift to allow more of the flower essences to carry the patterns of White Sage, while inviting the essential oils to “fill in the gap” in surprising and pleasant ways. We think this one is very special, too! Those who have tried it already agree.

NEW! 120 ml spray top bottles and 120 ml refill bottles with free funnel (so you can refill your spray top bottles.)

The tops of all size bottles are removable; please do not throw your bottle away when it gets low. Just order the refill bottle instead, which comes with a free funnel so you won’t lose any of the liquid you want to transfer.


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