Organic Liquid Smudge: Limited Edition 2022 Aligned Manifestation Formula


Align your intentions with your purpose for this year, to manifest your highest potential in perfect alignment with Source and your Higher Self. Keep your energy field stable.

For those who need an energy attunement ~ I've listened to so many of you last year as you struggled courageously with all the dramatic changes coming your way (and sometimes sweeping you away!) -- and have been working quietly behind the scenes to make JUST the right formula to help.

Here's what the new formula does (besides clear your space and energy, as usual):

  • Aligns your intentions with your higher self and purpose
  • Clear your space and set up the right energy to manifest what you want with clarity, power and grace
  • Informs your higher self what needs to shift further, to allow what you want to flow to you with ease and grace and harmony
  • Offers you the energy of allowing rather than "pushing" or "forcing", so that what you want will be called forth in the space of natural form and beauty, in perfect alignment with the energies around you.

Our new Organic Liquid Smudge is a perfect blend of organic essential oils, organic hydrosols, flower essences, and 100% organic non-GMO alcohol, brought together using sacred techniques and Reiki blessings. The ingredients are all certified organic and/or wildcrafted in sustainable ways from trusted sources.  2 0z (60 ml) spray top bottle.  Extra flower essences were added to this formula to bring your alignment into harmony with Source and your Higher Self.

Because this is a very special formula, I am limiting the amount and only offering it only for the rest of 2022. (No more than 3 bottles per person, please.)


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