Obsessions Busters Flower Essences


When you can’t stop obsessing about something (or someone!) you need this formula for relief.

Obsessions Busters help you face the underlying issues of needing to collect, organize, or control your environment in specific ways ~ so that you can feel more comfortable without needing to obsess over anything.

That said, if you've been diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder it is important for you to seek the care of a qualified medical professional so that you are receiving the very best comprehensive care you can get.   In this case, flower essences will be a complementary healing tool rather than your primary one, and you really do need appropriate medical help for that.

How flower essences help with overcoming obsessions is to provide you with the patterns you need to let go of obsessive thinking and behaviors, comfortably and safely.  The changes will feel natural -- and may be gradual rather than sudden, which will help you adjust to new habits and behaviors that will serve you better than your obsessive ones did.

The feeling of needing to be in control is central to obsessions, so the flowers lead you to different ways to think about and act on what you want instead.

When you feel obsessed, you almost automatically eliminate new potentials and possibilities from coming into your experience.  When you are free from obsessing, you can experience a sense of adventure and exploration, without fear or judgment about it -- and actually enjoy yourself on your journey.

Free yourself to grow and experiment -- and lose the default need to control everything.  What you gain in return is the potential for enormous happiness and pleasure.

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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz


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