Lyme Disease Recovery


Supports recovery from the effects of Lyme disease infection, including clearing patterns of Lyme from the bio-electrical circuits affected by it.

Lyme Disease is affecting both humans and animals all over North America (and in recent years, many other countries as well.)  There are few corners that have escaped its ravages, and it's a tough one to prevent.

So far the vaccines haven't worked well (or have had serious side effects that make them undesirable as a preventative.)  And. . . prevention still seems to be the best course of action -- if you can do it.

This formula will NOT prevent Lyme disease, but it will repair your bio-electrical circuits if you get it.

Now, I personally have had Lyme disease three times.  My dog had it twice, the last time very severely.  In my own case by using homeopathic and other natural remedies (including this flower essence formula) I feel that I have recovered completely.

Sadly, my dog didn't fare so well.  We treated her through the very talented services of a naturopathic veterinarian, and in many ways she vastly improved.  But her ligaments and joints were a mess!  We never made much progress with that aspect of her recovery, though her spirits remained greatHer poor body, though, just wouldn't cooperate any longer with her energy and what she really would have liked to do in life.

Some promising news came in 2008 when a new veterinary vaccine was introduced made from recombinant DNA that seems to work very well without causing terrible side effects.  Although it only prevents Lyme disease, not any of the other tick-borne diseases, it's a blessing for animals.

There is no human equivalent yet, though, so. . . be careful when you're out in the woods and in Nature (even in your own yard or garden.)  Take precautions and inspect every inch of your skin (and your pet's fur) after every outdoor excursion.  What you're looking for is as small as the head of a pin -- so look closely!

Lyme disease
is caused by the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi
which is usually transmitted through tick bites from infected deer ticks (which can attach to ANY mammal, not only deer.)

Lyme spirochetes can lodge in and affect almost any body part, and is usually treated (especially if diagnosed promptly) with a course of doxycycline antibiotic.  If symptoms continue after treatment, flower essences can often help.

Symptoms can include:

-- A rash that resembles a bulls-eye around the bite area (usually appearing from 3-10 days after being bitten by a tick carrying the spirochetes)
-- Fever
-- Chills
-- Fatigue
-- Body aches
-- Headache
-- Neck stiffness
-- Swollen lymph nodes

Later symptoms can include joint pain and neurological symptoms such as numbness or weakness in your limbs, and impaired muscle movement.

It's important to see your doctor as soon as possible once symptoms appear, to get started on antibiotic treatment.  You can also begin taking Lyme Disease Recovery flower essences right away, too, to support your bio-electrical system while it heals from the infection.

The sooner you begin treatment, the better chance you'll have to stop the disease progress and to prevent further damage to any affected tissues.

As I mentioned, I've had Lyme disease 3 times, each time from ticks found in my own back yard.  The symptoms were unpleasant but because I caught it early I was able to heal faster -- and yes I absolutely used this formula to speed my complete recovery.  I honestly don't think I would have healed as fast without it.
Lyme disease can cause serious illness, sometimes with lingering symptoms, unless treated quickly.  Give yourself and your family (and pets) an edge for recovery with Lyme Disease Recovery formula.

P.S.  This one works great for animals too; they can get Lyme disease just as humans can.




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