Lord’s Prayer Translated From Aramaic ~ PDF Version


The Lord’s Prayer, Translated directly from Aramaic to English. Color PDF Version.

The Lord's Prayer ~
Translated directly to English
from the original Aramaic

Lord's Prayer Aramaic to English Translation

Lord's Prayer Aramaic to English Translation

Millions of people all over the world know, love and recite the Lord's Prayer.

But very, very few ever had access to the original prayer because it was written in Aramaic, the language Jesus of Nazareth spoke.

The version that's commonly used today has (to put it mildly) lost a LOT in translation!

See. the original prayer was first translated into Greek, then Latin, and finally (centuries later) into English.

Much has changed in the world since the original prayer was written.  In fact, some of the apocalytpic sects that Jesus was associated with during his lifetime (not to mention many of his own teachings) adhered to beliefs that today might be considered "New Age" or "hippie"!

Let me just say that when I first encountered this prayer (sent to me by a close friend) I was stunned to my core.  I burst into tears with the beauty, power and truth of it.

How different the world now would be if THIS version of the Lord's Prayer had been what every follower of Jesus had taken to heart and prayed since his time!

After doing some research about this whole matter, I learned that it was based on an Aramaic-language scroll discovered by archaelogists in 1892 which, when translated directly into English led to a more accurate and definitive translation than the one currently being used by most Christian churches.

Christian theology created the idea of one, single "literal" translation of The Lord's Prayer.  Apparently, there are many different versions of it, with interpretations being influenced by prophets and mystics who read into the language subtle variations from each other.

This particular version of the Lord's Prayer was first mentioned and circulated in social media by mystic Neil Douglas-Klotz, to whom credit is owed.

Whose versions is "correct"?  And who gets to say it is?

That's not for me to decide.

All I know is what my heart tells me.  And that is this:

This prayer is beautiful.  It leads me to a deeper connection with God/Source/All-That-Is.  And from my (limited) point of view, it cannot possibly cause harm.

That is why I am now offering copies of it in a lovely format, for your spiritual support and growth.


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