Heartbreak Healer


After a painful betrayal, I made this powerful flower essence formula to heal myself of the shock and hurt, to heal my broken heart and learn to trust again. It worked! The flowers know the way.

This formula is one I first made for myself, after a painful business betrayal that cost me thousands of dollars and loss of customer base.  Because it worked so well for me (in combination with the Victim No More Formula, which I also recommend if that's an issue for you) I felt it was time to offer it to all my customers.

This Heartbreak Healer formula will work whether the heartbreak is caused by a romantic breakup, a family disturbance, business loss, or some other form of rejection and loss.  The underlying feelings as much the same for all of them, and this flower essence formula takes care of you regardless of the source of your heartbreak.

Learn to allow the pain to heal; learn how to receive kindness and comfort from others; learn what lessons the heartbreak holds for you; and learn what you need to do to prepare yourself to partner again in whatever capacity you wish, without doing so prematurely before you have grounded yourself in a stable pattern of understanding and wisdom.

Let yourself be needy without looking externally for relief; learn to heal your aching heart in safe and healthy ways.  If you invite friends, family, or therapists to assist you in your healing process, let the flowers show you what kind of help is going to be most useful to you, and what is not.

Get clear about what happened, what your role has been in the situation, and how you can move forward once your pain is healed.

This formula offers both compassion and wisdom -- which is something you need in abundance when your heart feels broken.  Let the flowers help to heal your pain.  (They're very good at this!)

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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz


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