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Healers have a tendency to “take on” the energy of those with whom they work. This formula provides stability, energetic boundaries, integrity and protection from unwanted vibrations from the environment or other people.

Healer's Formula is for healers and sensitive people.  If you are a healer -- or a sensitive person -- you will often be challenged not to take on the energies of the people with whom you come into contact.  It may be difficult for you to be in crowds because you tend to "take on" the ambient energies of people around you (even if you don't realize it and don't want to.)

That is a common dilemma for healers and sensitive people.  But there's real hope -- and it's very effective, too.  I made a powerful new formula that protects you energetically from taking on unwanted energy patterns from others.

It's based on the Flower Essence Society's wonderful Yarrow Environmental Solution (aka YES Formula) -- but I've added some special flowers that specifically help keep you and your system in integrity.

Interestingly, the Yarrow family of flowers has a close relationship with healers.  So there are many kinds of yarrow flowers in this formula, along with several other flowers from around the world whose job it is to keep your bio-electrical system clear and functioning properly regardless of how much it may be challenged by external forces.

Here's what this formula does:

-- keeps YOUR energies inside, without "leaking out"
-- keeps other energies from penetrating your auric field
-- keeps you from "taking on" the energies of other people (or from machinery and equipment or electromagnetic fields in the atmosphere)
-- protects you from negativity
-- keeps your energy levels stable during the day

These are all the ways that the Healer's Formula helps you remain intact regardless of what may be going on around you.  It's excellent for psychotherapists, bodyworkers, commuters, sensitive people in general, Lightworkers and Indigos, and healers of every stripe.

It is also for those "healer animals" whose special work it is to heal others, such as therapy dogs and cats.  (Now there are even therapy chickens and pigs!)

Because energy is often so subtle, you may not even realize that you've been taking on the energies of other people until you start feeling lousy for "no apparent reason."    You often don't realize it's happening -- until you start feeling symptoms of heaviness, anger, depression, sadness, or some form of illness manifesting in your physical body.

By the time you figure out it's "not you" -- the energies are already draining you.  If it happens repeatedly, you may be suffering from chronic sensory or energetic overload, including adrenal exhaustion.

If you're prone to taking on the energies of other people, the Healer's Formula is something you need, in order to remain in integrity with your own bio-electrical system.  Stop taking on other people's energies!  Let the Healer's Formula protect your circuits -- so you can function without interference from your environment.


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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz


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