Grief Relief


Comfort and energetic support to enter and go through the entire grieving process until you feel complete with it. Acknowledging loss is not easy, but the flowers will help you.

In a world that changes dramatically -- and often -- one of the "side effects" can be a feeling of grief over something (or someone) that has been lost.  This is a normal process, but it isn't always easy.  Unless your spiritual path gives you rituals and methods for dealing with such things as death, loss and grief, you can be at a loss for how to handle it.

Maybe you get into a habit of not showing your feelings.  Or maybe you sometimes act them out inappropriately.  Or maybe you feel there is no one there who understands and can support you.  None of these situations is ultimately satisfying -- or useful.

This is where flower essences can help.  A lot.

Because there continues to be such a powerful need to grieve and mourn for the loss of people, places and things, I created a formula to help you process your feelings in a natural and safe way:

-- to allow you to have your feelings without being overwhelmed by them
-- to help you understand what the person, place or thing meant to you -- why it was (and still is) important -- how best to honor it
-- to help you go through all the normal stages of the grief process (denial, anger, self-pity, resignation, acceptance, and -- finally -- peace)
-- to help you resume your normal daily activities in the midst of your feelings, when and how you're ready.
-- to help you discover how you would like to be with others about your loss, what boundaries you need to set and maintain -- and how to be clear about this, help you know when you need private time alone and when you need to be with others
-- to help you reach out for help and comfort from others when you would like to do so, to help you understand that others care -- and how to take it in while still feeling tender from your loss

All of these things are what the Grief Relief Formula does.

Here is what it does not do:

-- It won't make you "not feel"
-- It won't make you not care
-- It won't help you deny or push away your feelings

The Grief Relief Formula will help you process your feelings in a way that is completely natural and normal for you -- as it should be.

One more thing.  This formula is the same for people and animals.  Pets grieve, too -- if there has been a loss of a companion or loved one.  This formula will help them go through the same kinds of grieving processes that you need to do.  It will be a blessing for them as well as for the humans involved.

When loss strikes (all too suddenly for many of us these days, it seems) -- get the Grief Relief Formula for yourself or someone who's going through a loss of their own.  A few drops daily are all that's needed to help you deal with your grief and loss in a very healthy and relatively comfortable way.

Don't suffer needlessly, not knowing how to handle your grief.  Get this formula -- or give it to a loved one who's going through a hard time -- and be on your way to healing and release.


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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz


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